Friday, June 3, 2011

Traditional Sweet Snacks, Kuan Yin Temple, Penang

Whenever I go to the temple, and if this auntie is around selling her snacks, I will buy some even thought I don’t really eat all of it. These are traditional sweet snacks, in which the usual ingredients are peanuts, sesame seeds and of course sugar. We do see some of these sold in the supermarket. Those I believe are mass produced and very commercialized. These instead, are freshly home made. It’s a dying tradition that needs to be preserved.


Another reason I buy from her it’s because I really want her to finish selling off her snacks so she can head home. A very nice old lady, soft spoken and humble.  In the box are few different types of sweet snacks. Some chewy and some crunchy. 

P1460572-1 And they are all coated with a lot of sesame seeds! The ones below square are the chewy ones, also known as “nui thng” – soft sweet. and the stick like on the right has another same I could not recall, also chewy. There difference between the square and the tick-like ones are one with peanut and the other one doesn’t. Other than that, those rectangle ones are the crunchy snacks. Each piece are sold at MYR0.50.


Besides that, she also have the sesame snack biscuits and also kacang tumbuk, also known as “kong thng”. Besides being sweet, all the snacks has one main thing in common..sesame seeds.


The darker shade one is “nui thng”, and the other one I could not remember the name.


It is very soft and chewy….


Another snack that can be seen at the supermarket. Crunchy sweet snack with lots of peanuts and sesame seeds. MYR 1.50 per pack.

P1460622-1 Kacang tumbuk… one of my favourite snacks growing up… it could be messy but it’s yummy!Also MYR1.50 per pack.

P1460578-1 P1460579-1A quiet sunny day at the Kuan Yin temple.    

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Anonymous said...

I was suddenly thinking of her and the sweets she sells. Thank you for the wonderful post!