Monday, June 13, 2011

Sour and Spicy Bee Hoon Soup with Fried Fish Meat, Sungai Ara

This zhu char place is actually quite famous among those staying in Sungai Ara and also those working in Bayan Lepas area. It is open for lunch, starting as early as 11:00am sometimes earlier. What they are famous for is the sour and spicy been hoon (vermicelli) soup with fried fish meat, and also other fares like oyster noodles, steamed hor fun with fish, set lunch (rice with one dish) and also pork leg noodles. If you go in big group, try their zhu char which is not bad as well instead of ala carte personal meal.


Stall with neatly displayed vegetables and other ingredients..


With a few helpers to assist especially during busy lunch time. I thought I was early the other day, I arrived at 10:45am and I saw few small families are already there having their zhu char brunch.


And my order came quite fast… still early mah… if you go there during weekdays on lunch hours, be prepared to wait as they have a number of loyal regulars. Best if you can call to book your order in advanced.

P1470312-1 It’s one big bowl, sour and spicy been hoon with fish meat costs MYR6.00. It tasted just like the Teow Chew steamed fish gravy/soup.. but with stronger lemongrass taste..


It’s actually fun to eat, the bee hoon is on the al dente side, firm and springy. At the same time, it’s like playing treasure hunt, removing the ingredients out from the bowl.


Frankly speaking, I still prefer the one in Batu Maung (but that one is actually kiam chye (salted/preserved mustard vegetable) soup) in which now already MIA (missing in action) and I’m not able to locate them anymore..

P1470326-1So guess what are the main ingredients in making the soup? Lot of lemon grass (bruised), bird eye chili (cili padi) also bruised, preserved salted plum, and ginger slices.  Other ingredients include tomato wedges, lot of cilantro (Chinese parsley), fried chopped garlic and of course, the bee hoon and the fried fish meat. I’m a happy person as long as fish meat are not frozen dory.


The brunch crowd…


Inside seats are always better, cos it’s cooler…

P1470335-1 They have extension of zinc roofing to cater more seats… The name of the kopitiam is Mun Lock Hooi.


It’s near to the Sungai Ara’s main road.


Right opposite the Pondok Polis Sungai Ara. There’s also the Misai Chicken rice stall and also fruits stall.

P1470331-1They operates during lunch and during night time, Seng Cheong Sungai Ara Seafood will take the over for dinner. Apparently, they serve quite good fish curry and offers quite an extensive choice of dishes. Will go try one day.    


I bought kung po mantis prawns rice with egg, MYR 5.50 for my bro as initially he was supposed to tag along but he was still sleeping when I left home.. He commented that it’s not bad… It would definitely taste better if was eaten there when it’s piping hot

P1470337-1   Their simple menu for easier reference.


Sungai Ara Zhu Char (海鲜小食)
972 Mukim 12 Sungai Ara,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

Contact number: 012-4741964, Yap Soon Peng
Business hour starts at 11am, Closed on Mondays.

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