Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nasi Tomato Taman Seri Damai, Batu Lanchang, Penang

I have been wanting to go try this nasi tomato as I’ve read so many reviews and I also know that business is a brisk and there will be long queue of customers waiting for their turn. Was really curious if it is really that good. So I ajak my bro to go along with me yesterday night. We reached there around 12:30m and we could easily locate the stall as there was already customer queuing up…


So, we went to join in the line and minutes later, another long line behind of us….

IMG_2143-1Customers happily choosing their dishes… one of the customers took away like 20 packets I think… he was carrying like 2 plastic bags and each bags contains like 8 to 10 packets of nasi tomato… wah… midnight nasi tomato frenzy…


When I reached only halfway, I could see like most of the dishes have been cleared… what’s left are only the gravy… really good business, no joke! And that is like what? Less than an hour they open for business?

IMG_2150-1Long queue…. everyone waiting patiently for their turn while swallowing their saliva many many times :P


Busy scooping rice for customers and more fragrant fried chicken in the wok! By the time we were leaving, that was around 1.00am, I see no fried chicken anymore… habis….


Few of the dishes without gravy… mostly fried dishes like fried chicken pieces , eggs, chicken necks, fish…


Dishes with different types of gravy… variety of chicken/beef curries and stews , sambal ikan bilis (anchovies), curry prawns, vegetables…. and some of it are only left with gravy…


The dining area… several long tables and metal chairs… and stall selling drinks…


Nasi tomato, with fried chicken,  beef masak kicap, some sambal ikan bilis, and some cucumber slices @ MYR5.20


The rice was very fragrant… you know.. the type that you could just eat  it alone or with gravy only…


The fried chicken was tender, not really flavourful, but somehow pleasant to eat. I guess it’s because the meat was tender and succulent, it was fresh although the flavour was not really absorbed until the inside of the meat (perhaps it’s whole piece of thick lean mean) The chicken drumstick should be more flavoured and taste better…


The beef was okay, thick yummy gravy, meat was not very tender, but the flavour was great. Even the sambal ikan bilis was good..


Drinks…. we ordered 1 milo ice and 2 limau (calamansi) ice @ MYR 3.50. Don’t bother asking for kurang manis(less sweet) cos it’ll still come  manis or super manis…


Malaysians really eat at odd hours… past midnight and it’s like dinner time.. same for like nasi kandar… people eat rice past midnight as if it’s still dinner time… to those who would like to try nasi tomato instead of nasi kandar, this place is a good option… Although I love eating nasi tomato like how I always have it since schooling last time, a normal nasi tomato with ayam masak merah and the kinda pickled cucumber, pineapple and onions.. Here, they actually provides more options of dishes to explore..


The stall is actually inside the compound of this flat called Taman Seri Damai, just next to the Batu Lanchang market.  Be there early, best at midnight and walk towards the queue.

Taman Seri Damai
Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang,
11600 Jelutong,


Pow Long Wong said...

Wow... unbelievable .. the customer is queuing for the nasi tomato.

i must go and try it out someday....


Pow Long Wong said...

Wow... unbelievable .. the customer is queuing for the nasi tomato.

i must go and try it out someday....