Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Happy 牛 Year!

Have an OXpicious year ahead and a prosperous Chinese New Year!

The ones driving home, drive safe!

I also can't wait to balik kampung~! :D

My Codie boy wishes everyone woof woof woof woof! *slurp~

"Siu Kang Chiu" Dinner with Ecom Duo @ Seoul Garden

The same day (22nd Jan 09 - Thursday) after siu kang lunch with the finance trio, i joined the boys, the ecom duo for another siu kang dinner :D so basically i ate like whole day and siu kang twice :D

Initially there were more of us.. but last minute could not make it... so left three of us.. better still, they boys came and fetch me.. so i don have to drive.. wakakaka.... and we chose Seoul Garden in Gurney Plaza... since it's air conditioned (weather is hot ler) and Sean have been recommending :P Well, selections are wider compared to the my first visit there... and they also have ready cooked food... well, compared to the normal all you can eat restaurants, pretty not bad :)

Ready cooked food, fried noodles, chicken wings, black pepper chicken, some fried fried stuff and papadem

Eating healthy..... vegetables :P

The boys do the cooking, I do the eating :P so gentleman eh.. wakakaka

Sean's stir fry chicken or whatever he calls it..

Little pot with overflowing food :P we took the normal clear soup... they have few other selections with additional MYR5 if you decided you want something different

This year's prop & decorations are more moderate but still pretty...

Chinese drums with pretty paper crafts on it... love the oriental touch.... after all.. it's Chinese New Year!

"Siu Kang Chiu" Lunch with the Finance Trio @ Max Gourmet Restaurant

So happen the finance trio were planning for a "closing of work" lunch (direct translation from hokkien dialect) and I need to pickup my contact lense from the nearby mall, i tagged along :D
We went to Max Gourmet at Bayan Bay, opposite Queensbay mall.

As usual, it's packed with customers and they have new menu as well... some items from the old menu was removed though... but the new menu offer pretty wide selections as well... with affordable price..

Ms Ding's guilinggao with longans...

Wu kok... made of yam with char siu fillings..

Yong Chow Fried rice

Duck meat Wan Ton Noodles...

Siu Mai..

Thai style deep fried squid...

Deep fried fish meat with gravy on crispy noodle

Steam garoupa with hor fun... chef's recommended

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New year, bad beginning...

Had a rough start for 2009.... everything was not in place... haywire, chaos and pathetic... so bad that i could not post anything and i have not tranfer any photos from my camera so far... pretty refrained myself from doing anything... but good thing i manage to open up and move on pretty fast this time.... aih.. worse still, read about the 2009 readings for boar, in the golden cow year... it's not good a good year for me.. so my hope for another new year, a better beginning, better year is out of reach i suppose....

CNY is so near now.. in less than a week and I am still not feeling the mood blending in yet to myself.... the thought of going back to work on 3rd day of CNY is making matter worse.. geez.. 3rd day is a bad day for boar people to start work.. gosh... i'm becoming very superstitious now.... paranoid ni...

Good thing i have bought new clothes already :D so pretty much prepared for CNY... going home on Saturday after work... yay yay, and meet my bestie... she's back from Perth for CNY for 3 weeks... but going Europe for her yearly family CNY holidays..... and of course go home and see my parents... have not seen dad for some time already... only got calls from him asking "don't have to come home is it?" yes pa... i felt bad ok... :( at least mom came to see my baby nephew last month... at least got to spend time with her a lil :P

found out the other day that the facial course i signed up like 2 years back at slimming sanctuary... urm.. haha.. guess how many sessions i have left??? i called and asked for my balance sessions... the conversation went somehting like this....

ME : urm.. i'm calling to check on my facial sessions balance... my name is ... yada yada yada...
GIRL ON THE OTHER LINE: urm.. hold on and let me check ya... urm ok Ms chin, you still have 10 sessions purifying facial...
ME: *cut her line and go.. oh my.. 10 sessions still? (in my heart saying.. aih.. how to go change other place laaa.. have to go for at least 5 months if i go fortnightly or 10 months if i go monthly)
GIRL ON THE OTHER LINE: urm.. ms... you still have (repeating again) 10 sessions of purifying facial, 4 sessions of dunno some facial, 3 sessions of some facial, 2 sessions of this facial; and 1 session of this facial...
ME: gasp! *jaw drop*

OMG, i have like 20 sessions still... wash till my face bleed and the skin tear la like that!!!
well, there are few reason why i have actually gone like 4 sessions so far... 2 years back :P i got really busy and they close really early... they last session is at 6:30pm cos they close at 8:30pm.. when i signed for the package, each facial session comes with a complimentary 30 minutes spa (jacuzzi or steam bath) .. my first 2 sessions in kelawei was okay.. although every session without fail they will persuade you into using their expensive little bottle serum/ampoule whatever they call it... i hate it! i went last week for another session... in queensbay mall and this is the second time they forgot about my complimentary spa.. all they can remember is coax u into using their expensive stuffs again... i really hate this kind of things... all they think of is the sale they can manage to achieve from you.... first they will condemn your skin or so... and start with selling you once whole box of little serum bottles at MYR750. Hello.. i don want it...i can do so many things with that money okay instead of putting it on my face... not good mah not good la.. not that i wanna be beauty queen or what.... grrr... i don wan.. then still very persuasive.. trying to sell you 5 bottles instead.. i don't want lo... don't understand kah? until to the extend one bottle pun jadi la.. aiyoyo... ok.. so all this really refrain me from going for facial and that explains my plenty sessions left.. i told her straight to her face.. y my sessions can never finish... cos every single time i come, you ladies will try to sell me something... scaring me off leh... sigh... the next sessison i'm gonna go n say i come for facial i din bring wallet not credit card no nothing... i just want to finish my sessions so i can go elsewhere where they don force me into buying products... i look like rich tai-tai meh? haih.. if i am of course i don mind la.. you kiss my ass then i entertain sama u... afterall, money is not an issue... but i am not lo... too bad... ask me spend that money, might as well give my parents for CNY.. cis.... sigh.. enough about it.. somemore service not so very good only... always forget my spa cos can't wait to start selling.... made me regret signing for the package... actually i felt cheated also...

i have not reviewed my last year's resolution and make new one... see la... so busy buat apa i pun tak tau... time just pass like that... and i have still pending posts i have not finish drafting... so many things, so little time.... how am i liking 2009 so far... urm.. mixed feelings... i hate it partly, and partly still hoping for the best to happen.... to happen or not... i'm not sure.... but it's gonna be a struggle to go thru this year......with the bad economy and stuffs.... time to try seeing things in a positive way.... i hope :D

Annual dinner on the 14th Feb this year.. i wonder why this date was chosen... yes that i spent most of our time with work but i'm not married to it wor.. sigh... valentine's day with my company... i wonder if they give flowers and chocolates to the ladies :P wakakaka... have not got any time to look into the plans for it yet..whether to take leave and go down KL a day earlier to get away from work.. afterall, not gonna take leave during CNY.... or perhaps i might on the 9th day of CNY... not sure.. geez... everything is all over.... help~!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

梁靜茹 - 第三者 (Fish Leong - Third Party)

你的话我晓得 无论你说得多么温和 某一些难解的隔阂
把爱伤害了那多不值得 没什么好怪的
我已经乏力继续拉扯 没有谁非爱谁不可
I understand your words. No matter how gentle the way you said it, there’s some enstrangement which is hard to figure out.
It is not worth it to hurt the love, there nothing to blame about.
I’m already exhausted trying to save this relationship, there’s no definite on who’s loving who.
Even if the heart changed, is not unforgiven.

就算她消失此刻 告诉我能得回什么呢
责怪她又凭什么呢 她只是无意闯入的第三者
我们之间的困难 在她出现之前就有了
虽然我愤怒但是我明白的 把过错让她去背著 那是不对的

She is just the most most innocent third party
Even if she dissappear in this moment, tell me what can I gain?
How can I blame her? She is just the third party that accidentally rush in
The problem between us already exist before she arrived
Even if I’m angry, but I understand. It is not right, to let her carry the fault (mistake).

Hey 女孩你听著 所有爱情都有竞争者
我不妒忌你们快乐 虽然我人生因此有曲折
他还是不错的 我们的选择不是巧合
你用青春大胆假设 我去将失去活成一种获得

Hey girl, you listen. Every loving relationship has competitor (s)
I’m not jealous that you guys are happy, but because of this, my life has its up and down
He is still a fine guy, our choice is not a coincidence
You use your youthfulness daringly make an assumption, I will live to make the lost become a gain.

Jay Chou - 周杰伦 -Shuo Hao De Xing Fu Ne / 说好的幸福呢

Shuo Hao De Xing Fu Ne
Promised Happiness

Ni de hui hua ling luan zhe
Your response is lost in confusion.

Zai zhe ge shi ke
At this moment

Wo xiang qi pen quan bang de bai ge
I recall a dove in a room with a fountain.

Tian mi san luo le
The sweetness has dispersed.

Qing xu mo ming de la che
It’s only dragged-out emotion.

Wo hai ai ni ne?
Do I still love you?

Dan ni duan duan xu xu chang zhe ge
You are intermittently singing

Jia zhuang mei shi le
Pretending it doesn’t matter.

时间过了 走了
Shi jiang guo le zou le
Time passed, it’s gone.

Ai qing mian lin xuan ze
Our love is faced with a choice.

你冷了 倦了我哭了
Ni leng le juan le wo ku le
You’ve grown cold and tired, I’ve cried.

Li kai shi de bu kuai le
Your unhappiness upon leaving

Ni yong ka pian shou xie zhe
You have written down on a card.

You xie ai zhi gei dao zhe
When love comes to this,

Zhen de tong le
It truly hurts.

怎么了 你累了
Zen me le ni lei le
What happened? You’ve grown tired.

说好的 幸福呢
Shuo hao de xing fu ne
What about the happiness we promised each other?

我懂了 不说了
Wo dong le bu shuo le
I’ve figured it out but not said it.

Ai dan le
Love has been diluted.

Meng yuan le
My dreams have gone far away.

Kai xin yu bu kai xin yi yi xi shu zhe
The difference between being happy and unhappy is becoming a thinner line.

Ni Zai bu she
You don’t give up again.

那些爱过的感觉都太深刻 我都还记得
Na xie ai guo de gan jue dou tai shen ke wo dou hai ji de
The emotions of having loved are too deep. I still remember them.

你不等了 说好的 幸福呢
Ni bu deng le shuo hao de xing fu ne
You didn’t wait. What about the happiness we promised each other?

我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了
Wo cuo le lei gan le fang shou le hou hui le
I’ve made a mistake, wiped away the tears, let go, and regretted it.

Zhi shi hui yi na yin yue he haixuan zhuan zhe
It only hold memories, but the music box is still playing.

Yao zen ma ting ne
How’s it supposed to stop?

Repeat All

说好的 幸福呢
Shuo hao de xing fu ne
What about the happiness we promised each other?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

温岚 - 傻瓜(新歌完整版MV) - Landy Wen - Sha Gua (Fool)

It is what best describe me now..

qi shi ta zuo de huai shi wo men dou dong
We all know what bad things he has done

mei you shen me bu tong
Not much difference

眼光闪烁 暧昧流动
yan guang shan shuo ai mei liu dong
Roaming eyes and ambiguous relationships

bi shang yan dang zuo ting shuo
I close my eyes and pretend they're just hearsay

qi shi bie ren de zhao shu wo men dou dong
We know too well the tricks of others

mei you shen me bu tong
Not much difference

故作软弱 撒娇害羞
gu zuo ruan ruo sa jiao hai xiu
Pretend to be weak and shy

zhi shi you yi dian bie niu
It's only a little unnatural

sha gua ye xu dan chun de dong
Fools are perhaps innocent

ai de mei na me zuo zuo
Their love is not so pretentious

ai shang le wo bu bao liu
When I have fallen in love, I won't hold back

傻瓜 我们都一样
sha gua wo men dou yi yang
Fools we are, all the same

bei ai qing shang le you shang
Hurt by love time after time

xiang xin zhe ge ta bu yi yang
Believing that this one will be different

que you zai yi ci shou shang
And yet we get hurt once again

傻瓜 我们都一样
sha gua wo men dou yi yang
Fools we are, all the same

shou le shang que bu tou xiang
Hurt by love and yet never gave up

xiang xin fu chu hui you dai jia
Believing there will be a reward for our giving

dai jia zhi shi yi ju sha gua
And all it is, to be called a Fool

Monday, January 12, 2009

曹格-背叛 - GARY CAO GE - Bei Pan (Betrayal)

雨 不停落下來
Yu bu ting luo xia lai
Rain falls continuously

花 怎麼都不開
Hua ze me dou bu kai
Why doesn't the flower bloom?

儘管我細心灌溉 你說不愛就不愛
Jin guan wo xi xing guan gai ni shuo bu ai jiu bu ai
Despite my careful watering you just say you won't love and don't love

我一個人 欣賞悲哀
Wo yi ge ren xin shang bei ai
I watch and appreciate the sorrow alone

愛 只剩下無奈
Ai zhi sheng xia wu nai
Love is left with only helplessness

我 一直不願再去猜
Wo yi zhi bu yuan zai qu cai
I kept refusing to guess

鋼琴上黑鍵之間 永遠都夾著空白
Gang qin shang hei jian zhi jian yong yuan dou jia zhe kong bai
White emptiness will always fill the gap  between the black keys of the piano

缺了一塊 就不精采
Que le yi kuai jiu bu jing cai
Missing a piece it can never be exciting

* 緊緊相依的心如何Say Goodbye
Jin jin xiang yi de xin ru he Say Goodbye
How can two hearts that rely on one another say goodbye

Ni bi wo qing chu hai yao wo shuo ming bai
You know better than I do, yet you still want me to say it

Ai tai shen hui rang ren feng kuang de yong gan
Loving so deeply can make people crazily courageous

 我用背叛自己 完成你的期盼
 Wo yong bei pan zi ji wan chenni de qi dai
 I betray myself to reach your expectations

 把手放開不問一句Say Goodbye
 Ba shou fang kai bu wen yi ju Say Goodbye
 Letting go, not asking anything, and say goodbye

 Dang zuo zui hou yi ci dui ni de ni ai
 Let it be the last indulgence I give you

 Leng leng qing qing dan dan jin hou dou bu guan
 Coldly, drearily, mildly (I) will no longer watch (over you)

 Zhi yao ni neng yu kuai
 As long as you can be happy *

心 有一句感慨
Xin you yi ju gan kai
(My) heart has only one regret

我 還能夠跟誰對白
Wo hai neng gou gen shui dui bai
Who can I still ask to

在你關上門之前 替我再回頭看看
Zai ni guan shang men zhi qian ti wo zai hui tou kan kan
Before you close the door look back again for me

那些片段 還在不在
Na xie pian duan hai zai bu zai
to see if (our) snippets are still there

Repeat *

Shino Lin - Xin Dong

Not in a good shape to draft or post any entry now... have been listening to music n do a lot of sleeping for the past few days....

You Duo Jiu Mei Jian Ni
(How long have I never seen you?)
Yi Wei Ni Zai Na Li
(I thought you were there)
Yuan Lai Jiu Zhu Zai Wo Xin Di
(In fact you're just deep inside my heart)
Pei Ban Zhe Wo De Hu Xi
(Accompanying my breath)

You Duo Yuan De Ju Li
(How far is the distance?)
Yi wei wen bu dao ni qi xi
(I thought I can't smell you)
Shui Zhi Dao Ni Bei Ying Zhe Me Chang
(Who knows your shadow is so long)
Hui tou jiu kan dao ni
(Once I turn around I see you)

Guo qu rang ta guo qu
(Let the past go)
林晓培 - 心动
Shino Lin - Xin Dong (Heart movement)

Lai bu ji / Cong tou xi huan ni
(It's too late to love you from the start)
Bai yun chan rao zhe lan tian
(As if clouds are covering the blue sky)
Ru guo bu neng gou yong yuan dou zai yi qi
(If we can't be together forever)
Ye zhi shao gei wo men
(Give us at least)
Huai nian de yong qi
(the courage to miss)
Yong bao de quan li
(The right to hug)
Hao rang ni ming bai
(So that you understand)
Wo xin dong de hen ji
(The trace of my heart moving)

Zong shi xiang zai jian ni
(Always wish to see you again)
Hai shi zhe da tan ni xiao xi
(I even attempt to inquire your news)
Yuan lai ni jiu zhu zai wo de shen ti
(In fact you're just living in my body)
Shou zhu wo de hui yi
(Guarding my memories)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

It's a new year again! This year eve was celebrated with my sister and friends at Winnie & Wern's home. They organized a potluck party among close friends, like about 10 of us for a makan makan session and chit chatting. Then we countdown with together with the TV followed by new year cake cutting... haha... photos soon... Gotta go get ready fro Branda's housewarming... :D

Happy New Year, 2009 everyone!