Thursday, January 15, 2009

梁靜茹 - 第三者 (Fish Leong - Third Party)

你的话我晓得 无论你说得多么温和 某一些难解的隔阂
把爱伤害了那多不值得 没什么好怪的
我已经乏力继续拉扯 没有谁非爱谁不可
I understand your words. No matter how gentle the way you said it, there’s some enstrangement which is hard to figure out.
It is not worth it to hurt the love, there nothing to blame about.
I’m already exhausted trying to save this relationship, there’s no definite on who’s loving who.
Even if the heart changed, is not unforgiven.

就算她消失此刻 告诉我能得回什么呢
责怪她又凭什么呢 她只是无意闯入的第三者
我们之间的困难 在她出现之前就有了
虽然我愤怒但是我明白的 把过错让她去背著 那是不对的

She is just the most most innocent third party
Even if she dissappear in this moment, tell me what can I gain?
How can I blame her? She is just the third party that accidentally rush in
The problem between us already exist before she arrived
Even if I’m angry, but I understand. It is not right, to let her carry the fault (mistake).

Hey 女孩你听著 所有爱情都有竞争者
我不妒忌你们快乐 虽然我人生因此有曲折
他还是不错的 我们的选择不是巧合
你用青春大胆假设 我去将失去活成一种获得

Hey girl, you listen. Every loving relationship has competitor (s)
I’m not jealous that you guys are happy, but because of this, my life has its up and down
He is still a fine guy, our choice is not a coincidence
You use your youthfulness daringly make an assumption, I will live to make the lost become a gain.

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