Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mae Salong Restaurant, Sungai Petani

Only when my friend mentioned about this place yesterday afternoon, I realised I missed blogging about this place in my hometown. I actually went there last year for dad’s birthday dinner :P Anyways, I hope it’s not too late to blog and until now, the review of the place is so far still good and standard is still maintained.
Mae Salong serves Thai food, and they however do have outsourced Malay stalls selling satays and ikan panggang which are equally yummy. Pricing wise is slightly higher that our normal chu char in SP, however I would say reasonably priced. Besides good food, they have great ambiance, such a great place and it’s only within my neighborhood (kinda) cos i only drive across the housing area to reach this place.
P1320720-1The entrance to the restaurant.. it is somehow a little bit Khun Tai-ish, but prettier in a way.. haha… 
We took indoor seats.. my family and my bro behind the camera.. We were there early.. so we get to choose anywhere we wanna dine at... around 7:00pm. But I think for now, it’s best that you call for reservations…
After we placed our orders, I took a stroll around this place… and took lots of photos too..
P1320715-1 P1320717-1
Sink is also made of wood…
P1320718-1 P1320719-1 
Little play ground for the kids..
Little gardens… with pond
Indoor seats with air conditioning at lower deck, Non air conditioning with roofing on the upper deck…
water mill and fountain…
Outdoor seats
Satay and ikan panggang(grilled fish) stalls..
P1320731-1 P1320733-1
Pretty walkways…
Fountain in the middle of the pond..
It has a big garden and landscaped compound…
10 minutes later, our order arrived.. it was very fast… Omelette with vege..
Steamed kapah(clams) with garlic and lemon juice… nice!
Deep fried pregnant fish… out of no where.. got shishamo somemore.. haha.. i thought it’s a Japanese thing..
It is actually nice eaten this way too beside the normal grilled version in Japanese restaurants..
Seafood Otak otak.. not bad.. in fact this found we did not order as much of thai food like tom yam, mango/papaya salad, or even keng som… I think it’s prime time to go back and try more dishes..
Ikan panggang/bakar from the stall.. spicy but nice.. fish was fresh and it was nicely done..
Pandan chicken… was also succulent and  flavourful
Fruit juices available alongside with other different drinks… Basically, i could not remember the price for each dishes.. lost the receipt already.. but total of all comes to about not more than MYR 100 for 5 pax.
Crowd starts coming in after 7:30pm. This is the upper deck seats…
The lower deck with air conditioning.. in fact the room can be used for private functions, catering to about 35 to 45 people maybe..
The washrooms… notice the cute signs..
P1320823-1P1320815-1 P1320832-1 P1320834-1 P1320835-1 P1320840-1   P1320854-2
When the night comes and the lights are on… such a beautiful sight… worth going, worth trying.
Mae Salong Restaurant 199-E, Kampung Bakar Bata
08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah
Mr. Lim 012-725-5389
Mdm. Low 019-576-8691
Ms.Lim 019-458-6451

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