Tuesday, June 14, 2011

KJA Burger, Lengkok Nipah, Taman Lip Sin

At anytime I have cravings for roadside burgers, like uncle burger from hillside but too lazy to drive all the way there, this is my fastest fix. In fact I have 3 options available on the same street… once which is nearer walking distance but not consistent on opening days and time, one is slightly further walk to super tanker and this one is in between. Stall is open early as 5:30pm to late, so sometimes, I’ll stop by after work, take away and go home happy with my burger.

It may not be the best roadside burger but they rarely go wrong.. it’s just some has better chili sauce, some has extra ingredients like black pepper sauce, or other different type of sauce, uses coleslaw etc.. all are different in their own way…


The stall is located in front of Bobo Cafe,  where the yummy hokkien mee is at.


Besides the normal vege (finely chopped cabbages, onions, cucumber), mayo and lots of chili sauce, this one comes with baked beans too.

P1470030-1 This is what KJA Burger offers…  I have no idea how big special burger looks like… must be like 5 burger patties burger or something.. I’ll ask him next time…He even offers vegetable burger (roti & sayur)..  and baby burger means 1/2 of the regular burger patty. Overall, price wise is slightly cheaper than the other 2 stalls and he has his loyal regulars as well. Burger patties used are Ramlee burgers…


My burger! Burger Egg Ayam (Chicken), MYR 3.00.. quite messy but yummy! Better than McD’s burger…


With generous amount of cabbages and onions, and cucumber slices..


Chicken burger patty, seasoned with Worcestershire (Lea & Perrins) sauce, dashed with pepper, and wrapped in omelette, and lots of chili sauce.


How to eat roadside burger? Well, not all roadside burger are as neat as Hillside  uncle burger.. majority will have the chili sauce+mayo oozing out while you have your bites. So, you need to make sure the burger has got its “diaper” on.. means bottom part of the burger where you hold, is wrapped. This is to prevent the sauce dripping all over you and the vegetables from dropping.. it’s gonna be messy then..


Have a firm grip and enjoy the burger!

P1470102-1 Look at that sauce, oozing out…

KJA Burger
Lengkok Nipah, Taman Lip Sin,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Contact number- 012-9214936 / 019-8006400

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