Saturday, June 4, 2011

Honeymoon Dessert, Extension Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

I first got to know about this dessert shop during the trip to Hong Kong. It’s actually a Hong Kong based with franchises across Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and also Singapore. All time favourite is their durian pancake.  So when I was on a trip with my girl friends to Jakarta, we searched and  stumbled upon the shop, went in to get some desserts and afternoon snacks.


The menu… honestly, I could not remember the prices for everything we ordered.


The little plates and mini dessert fork…


Mixed fruit Sago (with mango juice).. it has that sweet and sourish mango juice taste…


Honeydew Sago… This is nicer as it’s not too sweet…

P1150937-1 The yummy durian pancake… the last time i had it was during my Hong Kong trip and the moment I opened up the pack in the hotel room, it smells so good, so great..the whole room had that durian smell the whole day!  It smells just like gas leaking…


Mango pancake… sweeter and milder version comparing to the durian pancake..

P1150939-1  Green/Mung bean soup with grass jelly…

P1150949-1Ordered some fries to fill out hungry tummy before heading to dinner…


With some onion rings too..


Group photo without the bride to be… I was in Jakarta for a good friend’s wedding with a bunch of my other babes… it was a rush trip… I now wish I had stayed longer to explore more of the big busy city…

Honeymoon Desserts
Extension-Plaza Indonesia Unit L5-E24
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30 Jakarta-10350
(62) 021-3107564
Business hours : 11:00-24:00

More info of Honeymoon Desserts in their website here.

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