Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Glutinous Rice Dumpling – Bak Chang

*Chang = Zhang = Zhong = Dumpling… it’s all the same~ ok.. one exception… not elephant ok.. that’s Thai..

I am supposedly on a non carbo diet… but then.. I cannot resist bak chang-s.. and yes I know I can get bak chang anytime even if it’s not “Duan Wu Jie” – Dragon Boat Festival. But then… I want to join in the crowd too… haha… so I took leave from my diet for one day…

P1460828-1I saw this jumbo chang at the market on Sunday morning.. it’s MYR6.50 each… regular ones are sold at MYR 3.00 at this stall. Another stall was pricing at MYR 4.00 for a regular sized. Things are getting expensive or they are just taking advantage of the festival to hike the price huh…  


Anyways, I asked what is the difference besides being a jumbo one.. she told me there’s dried scallops inside… hm.. sounds premium… it’s slight more than 2 times the price of a regular ones… but she highly recommended it.. so I bought 2.. one for me and one for my bro.. my sis can get homemade ones at home town..


So I steamed them up one at a time.. cos my steamer quite cute for a jumbo chang and I’m lazy to bring our the second stack of the steamer.. :P the photo however could not do much justice… it’s one big chang..


Undressed the chang and tadaaa….. one hot soft chang filled with treasures…

P1460878 Post mortem shows.. that the ingredients comes in double… perhaps only the glutinous rice is 1 and 1/2 of the regular chang-s… other than that… there’s 2 mushrooms, 2 chestnut, 2 pieces of meat and fatty oily meat(in which I gave my Jacky with his rice).. huge yolk…I couldn’t find the dried scallops though… sudah hancur pi or non existence… I’m also not sure..


This jumbo one is perfect for sharing.. eat chang also can be romantic.. since everything comes in pair… hoho… it’s a little bit oily though… so scared that my will arteries get blocked after eating the chang… and I couldn’t finish… :P so I shared it with my boy… haha… he was so happy… si peh tham jiak hairy furball..

P1470156-1Then, after a while… my cousin sis living just below my unit called me… she brought back some homemade chang-s my aunt made for us… I have very thoughtful cousin sisters living downstairs… last year she brought me chang-s too…and at anytime they are cooking anything extra, or bought something from somewhere, they’ll invite us over or bring some over.. So we practice the same too :D Thanks Fun! Looks like I can still savour chang-s for another few days… hoho…. 

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