Sunday, February 22, 2009

Level UP~! my medications i mean :P

i gave in.. finally made my way to the nearest clinic for more hebat medication.. well.. i hope... i told the doc whatever u have super hebat, u give me all :P and wow, must have been a while since my last visit to the doctor... consultation less than 3 minutes and meds cost me MYR45.. i thought last time only MYR30?? Expensive to be sick huh...

My torturous machine gun cough have got me an inflammed and swollen throat... it's even painful to swallow my saliva now :( wuwuwuwu...

pls God make me well tomorrow... i ate all my meds d.. i good girl.... i don't want to be sick ar... how to go work liddat~!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

2008 Holidays - Part 4 - Hong Kong 28th Sept -03rd Oct 2008

Day 1 - Walk around Tsim Sha Tsui
My first day in Hong Kong was actually spent on the mainland area where i stayed, Tsim Sha Tsui. Checked in to the hostel after the train ride from Lo Wu to the other end Tsim Sha Tsui East. Had a 10 minutes walk underground to my destination.

I stayed in Yiu Fai Guesthouse/hostel.. what to do.. on budget mah... cost me HKD 350 per night.. so still ok... :D the place is situated at Golden Crown Court next to Standard Chartered Bank, opposite a mosque along Nathan Road and just less than 5 minutes walk to the MTR. Very convenient in terms of transportation and i could say everything is just stone throw away... food, convenience store, name it, you'll have it... Pretty busy place, small but not as dodgy. The place is pretty secured with 24 hours guard watch and security cctv cameras available. The lift is of course very small... fits me and my bro with our 2 huge luggage and that's it... The owner of the place is Raymond... nice man.. ready to provide information anytime and he has got a notebook at the counter where everyone can use at anytime we want to check emails and stuffs... our room is not 5 star, just a normal bed with basic necessity.. bathroom attached is quite big with heater available. it has one little tv available and air conditioned. Room size is acceptable... it fits a double bed and also an extra foldable single bed which budak decided he wants to sleep on it.. it has got a dressing table with the tv on top of it.. phone is also available in the room and calls within HKG is free :D

Anyways, after check in, we both went out for our first meal in HKG.. brother hungry d :D

Experienced cha chan teng food :) it's weird that during this trip... i rarely feel hungry... the time i stop and eat is when i see someone pull a black long face.. siapa lagi... budak ler.. (budak refers to my bro) :P.. wahahah... so when i finally come back.. i realised that i've missed eating so many local delicacies/food there :( so the next trip go must eat eat eat :P

Yam flavoured Gai Dan Chai...

Me and my bro was walking around from Tsim Sha Tsui to Jordan and some part we pretty much got lost :P but of course with the help of the map and the road names, moving around on foot is an easy task :) Day one is all about walking, from my hostel to the areas of Tsim Sha Tsui, to Jordan, China Ferry terminal, Victoria Harbour, Avenue of stars and back to hostel again... superb workout :P

Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbour. Managed to make it on time for the daily 8pm show and got a nice spot too :) It was spectacular and pretty... And of course not missing the Avenue of Stars where all the stars' hand print are at

Day 2 - Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island

I slept and woke up at 4 something in the morning and could not sleep after that... watched tv until 7am before i get up and get myself ready for Hong Kong Disneyland!!! Getting my bro to bathe and get ready is not an easy task...he takes more time than what i need... haiyooo... that is one of the thing that gets on my nerve every morning... so we missed out breakfast and head to Disneyland straight. My counterpart Cindy so happen was having holidays with plans to HKG as well so we actually planned to meet up in prior to my trip, and Disneyland was chosen as the meet up location :D I've never seen her before but we do closely liaise with many shpts from XMN to PEN. She was there with her bf Kunta and the meet up went great at the entrance, we clicked immediately, got the tickets and there we go on a day full of fun and laughter in Disneyland :D Got on all the rides and shows, so nice.. felt like a kid all over again..

At the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland... so happen the time i went, the theme was Halloween, the night before Christmas kinda theme with pumpkins and villain characters all around :D

The first thing your see when entering the gate is Disneyland Railroad train at Main Street, USA. It seems to be connected or sponsored or something by UPS. That me and my CAN counterpart Cindy in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle and a whole lot of pumpkins...

In the Disneyland stores... pretty and expensive :P

Photos with the Disney characters.. Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Mushu. Missed taking photos with the rest of the gang.. next time must go on weekdays and non holidays :) cos the line is so so longgggggg~

Before we bid Disneyland bye bye ~

Cindy stayed a night at the same hostel as I did, and Raymond (the owner) gave her room next door. We went back together dead tired and hungry, the last meal we had was lunch in Disneyland, freshen up and off we go for dinner or should i say supper.. and because we were too hungry i forgot to take photos of the food :P we had the typical wan tan noodles soup with huge yummy wantans, beef tripe noodles, beef tummy noodles and oyster porridge if i remember correctly... :D Thanks to Cindy, although we only manage to spend only one day together, it was definitely full of fun!

Day 3 - Tung Chung, Ngong Ping 360, Tian Tan Buddha, Po Lin Monastery ,Wisdom Path @ Lantau Island & Mongkok
Cindy planned for Hong Kong Island that day so i proceed with my itinerary to Ngong Ping 360, the Giant Buddha, Po Lin Monastery and Wisdom Path at Lantau Island. Parted ways and took the MTR to Tung Chung.... and off we go on the cable car experience to Lantau Island.

The ride was fun.. the cable car fits 8 person but it's more spacious than the one we have for Genting.... we have a mother with 2 kids and their grandmother together in the cable car we're in.. very chatty and lots of questions.. pretty much kept us company the whole journey... that's the station, the view and isn't that cocker spaniel a cutie.. the owner left him there go get her Starbucks coffee :D

Walk around Ngong Ping Village.. everyone will pass this "village" on the way to the Giant Buddha and Wisdom Path. It has got plenty exhibition theatre, souvenir shops and restaurants.

The magnificent Giant Tian Tan Buddha... beautiful isn't it.... good thing the weather also not bad.. it's sunny but with cold breeze.. windy~ nice... a walk up the stairs to the Giant Buddha and you'll have a nice view of the island.... it's all green and away from the busy city... and good for the eyes too.. :D

Wisdom Path is around 10 minutes walk from the Giant Buddha...

On the way down, only I realise there's a view of DHL's Hong Kong Hub.. :D only got a bird eye's view.. and little Kuzu there :D
Tung Chung Station itself is connected or nearby to a huge mall and it's Hong Kong first outlets mall, the Citygate Outlets.. they have Nike, Adidas, Esprit, a lot a lot of other sports, accessories and children brands and plenty of other designer brands too... go visit the site for the directory :D i was suppose to go elsewhere, in the end forego and walked around the mall.. pretty big... and i've got a 4gb SD card for MYR 90. Then it's cheap la.. i think now cheaper... cos when i asked around other shops they quote me like MYR 200 to 250... crazy.... i din buy la cos i know in MY cheaper mah... manatau finally can find around the same price there... haha... so that explains my photo taking frenzy la.. what i have is memory what :P

Off to Ladies Market at Mongkok... did some shopping until someone pull long black face and potong-ed my steam la... So we went to KFC cos everywhere else is full... in fact KFC is also full... Mongkok is packed like a stream of people walking up and down... if you bring your kids there, make sure u carry them or u hold on to them tightly...

Proceed to Hui Lau Shan, Mango pudding n desserts.. they have franchise all over Hong Kong... so happen to pass thru the one in Mongkok, so we went in and managed to get seat. It's full all the time... patrons in and out... and yes, the mango desserts are yummy... but a bit pricey...

Day 4 - Ocean park, Admiralty & Stanley

Took the MTR to Admiralty from Tsim Sha Tsui... i did not manage to experience star ferry believe it or not :( MTR faster mah.. although it's more costly la... if only i have more time :D Anyways, upon arrival at Admiralty station, there is ticketing booth already for Ocean Park and Octopus card holder get's discounted price.. haha.. lucky i've got myself Octopus card.. more convenient mah... So u buy the ticket there and out form the station you see whole long stretch of people... lining up.. well.. cos the day I went was their National Day public holiday... wrong day.. so imagine the people!!! Anyways, outside the MTR station, is the bus stand... so busses all over and you can see it's pretty organized... there are attendants standing at the entrance making sure everyone queue and go on the correct bus.. most busses all go to Ocean Park wan la :D my first bus experience in Hong Kong.. the double decker bus :) it took a while to reach Ocean Park but i can tell you it's hell lot of ppl there!! i can imagine how crowded is Disneyland that day... and it's damn hot and humid.. good thing the cold breeze is still there.. else i would have fainted cos so many people are fighting for oxygen....

Ocean Park has got it's own fun compared to disneyland... but i guess it's because of the tremendous amount of people... and it's smaller in size.. so we pretty much covered all the rides and the park by 4:00pm. Got to see the cute lazy seals, lazy pandas, and of course all the rides there... challenging... haha.. more hebat than Disneyland's rides... it has got the triple loop roller coaster... shiok!

The off we go on a bus ride to Stanley... it's a long ride.... haha.. but you'll pass the rich people's houses at Repulse Bay and Stanley itself.. expensive sports car and maids walking their dogs... and a lot of designated bbq spot by the beach.. just like in the movies/series... Stanley has got breathtaking views as well... and the sea breeze.... just nice for a walk in the evening...

Cafes and bars along the promenade... there's also the Stanley market where they sell a lot of souvenirs and chinese paintings, arts and crafts.. besides the normal shops selling clothes and stuffs.. it's more artsy type of stuffs..... noticed that there' s a lot tourists and expats here too.. and a lot of dog owners.. and i mean real good breed dog owners.. either they will bring the dog for a walk themselves or the maids will, with few dogs each...

Nice view isn't it? the promenade and the Murray House is in the photo as well.. a long ride but worth going... after that we rushed took like another hour bus ride from Stanley straight to Tsim Sha Tsui... it's long long ride.... Stanley is at the other side of Hong Kong island and there we were on our way to the mainland... was thinking if taking the bus to Central or Admiralty then make out way back by the MTR but we were too tired, we decided to enjoy the slow ride since the National Day fireworks only starts at 9:00pm at Victoria Harbour... well.. we made it on time but did not manage to go over to the habour cos the police had blocked the roads and the pedestrian bridge :( don't even try to imagine the crowds... so we viewed the spectacular fireworks standing in front of Shangrila... it would be a nicer view at the harbour... missed it...

Joined the Dings for steamboat supper at Tao Heung, Carnavon street... they were pretty much half way already... and pretty surprised that I've manage to locate the shop as well :) hahaha..

Coming up~ Last day at Hong kong Island... more photos :D

One week and that's it!!!

Is what i'm giving myself to be cured from this torturing cough, super sore throat, unstoppable flu, fever and headache and to be good friends with these!! i tak mau kawan them laaaaa~

By first day of March and there's no progress, I'm gonna go wack charkoay teow extra spicy, tom yam, ice kacang/shaved ice, ice blended, ice cream, fried chicken, lamb, mutton, steak, whataver heaty, fried, ice, spicy and everything forbidden... see can mampuih... er.. i mean cure or not.. grrr... fed up!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Back from Annual Dinner, back to work tomorrow... err.. later..

Took a day leave n head down KL a day earlier with da boss and fellow colleagues for annual dinner at KLCC.. will post photos soon... haha.. when ar.. will try my best la :D lucky draw? nah.. i've got nothing from lucky draw or even the lucky dip :D

but i've got somehting else... jeng jeng jeng.... a runny nose, cough, flu, sore throat and massive headache due to lack of sleep :P woke up not long ago from my nap after reaching PEN at 4:30pm today... or should i say yesterday? since it's past midnight already..

walked to the nearby sunshine to get myself two bottle of 100 plus (kiasu leh~).. panadol actifast and one can of wong lo kat... noticed that many ppl do shop in sunshine at midnight also... no need sleep kah they all??

hmm... hopefully with my "kits" i will feel better tomorrow :D gonna pop the meds and board dreamland express soon... my head so heavy and i am having real sexy husky voice (actually i feel that i sound like a man) right now... karaoke anyone?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

May today be filled with lots of love, happiness, roses, chocolates, hugs, kisses and everything wonderful with loved ones!

Codie is also looking for his valentine :D

Friday, February 13, 2009

2008 Holidays - Part 3 - Shenzhen 26th -28th Sept 2008

Went for a 9 days trip with my bro and Shenzhen is one of it... stayed 2 nights at Days Inn Dongmen and pretty much enjoyed myself trying out local specialties and of course, with lots of shopping and sight seeing :D Well, just like in Bangkok, i did not miss out trying their McD's and KFC.. well.. i don't know why, just happen it's the easiest thing to eat... and yes, i did the same in Hong Kong too, both tried without fail... it's different from the ones we have here mah :P

Dongmen is a district where the place is always full of people from day to night... good thing also the hotel i stayed in was not bad... in fact it's nice.. clean and spacious... and it's located in the middle of Dongmen... very convenient... you can get everything you need at a walking distance..

The layout and interior of the hotel i stayed in.. Days Inn... cost me around MYR 200 per night.. can actually get cheaper hotels around.. but with the superb location, and the good reviews i read about, it's worth the price i've paid for.. the cleanliness and the hotel condition did not disappoint me as well :)

The hotel from outside and the hotel lobby.... will i go back again? definitely.. :) unless i find another better hotel with more affordable price.. haha...

At the streets of Dongmen....

Although i ate McD's and KFC, of course i did not miss out some of the street food as well.. some of course i did not try cos it's something i will never ever put in my mouth ler :)

The next day, well i actually made my way to the MTR station very near to the hotel and head to Shi Jie Zhi Chuang... Windows of the World... and yes i travelled around the world in urm.. 6 hours... haha.. initially plan was to just spend 2 to 3 hours so we could head elsewhere.. manatau the place is so huge and punya shiok take photos, forgot about the time and at 4pm, from a sunny day, it suddenly rained cats and dogs... but still it did not stopped me from take photos :d wakakakaka...

I've been to everywhere!! hahaha.. just that i don have to get visa and stamp my passport :p else one passport oso not enough place to stamp :D

The place is huge... look at the mount of photos taken... haha... you can see like little ants in the photos....

We ended up spending nearly whole day there... and we bumped into the Ding's as well...

Too much ni... ahahaha... i'm gonna be so broke when i decide to develop the photos of my trip this round :D

Oh ya, i din story about my experience with the chinese customs yet.. wakaka.. i arrived at LCCT like a night before around 12 plus and stayed awake until my next connection to Macau at 6:00am. Board the plane, passed out for few hours and woke up again around 9 something... ok.. very obvious am all cranky cos not enough sleep... upon arrival Macau, i took the cab to the Macau Ferry Terminal so i can catch the turbojet straight to Shenzhen... well you know u have to feel the little arrival/entry and departure forms when u arrive any countries... God knows how many times i've filled it for this trip :P

Anyways, so there i was, arrived Shenzhen, kinda half way blur cos i slept in the ferry for a while... n this lady customs was like yelling "faster faster faster a bit".. i was like, chill lady.. is this a drill or something.. do i explode if i stay slightly longer there cos i need to fill the freaking form??? sheesh.. anyways, done and with my luggage we went to the line and budak went thru and then it was my turn.. okay.. i was with my glasses.. a bit crappy cos i haven't really slept in like more than 24 hours... so there she was looking at my passport, my visa then me repeated times... then called on the colleague n had like whisper discussion... hello.. you cannot ask me issit any questions? anyways, she sent to the the customs supervisor instead... he did the same stared at my passport, my visa then me repeated times.. i was like.. argh.. i know they suspected that i am not the person in my passport and visa... yes i know.. it's a chinese name.. and i am one.. just that i don really look like one... not my fault i don look typical chinese leh... i oso wanna scream at them d... "faster faster faster a bit lahhh~!" just like the lady did :P but think again.. aih.. at ppl's country.. better not.. later tangkap i pi pancung ke, masuk lokap ke.. mampuih... so after a while only he asked me in mandarin... i guess he have been thinking what language to speak to me since he took so long to finally open his mouth.. he asked where i am from.. i answered so and so, and he asked if i understand chinese/mandarin.. i nodded and said yes... still not convinced, he asked me to read my chinese name.. hahahaa... so funny this guy... testing my mandarin pulak... ish.. actually testing my patience lehhh!!... so i answered back in mandarin.. ok... my name is so and so, i'm from so and so, is there any problem with my passport or visa?? *eyes blink blink* bagi dia the innocent look when the fact inside oredi membara with high level of keTLness already.... then only he's satisfied (well, i actually feel he still have doubts), he told them to let me thru.. ish ish ish.. adoi.. panjang oso i cerita that customs only.. ahahaha.. that's why i like to post photos only... see.. i got reasons... :P i long winded laaa :D

Hong Kong updates coming up :D aih.. i'm so outdated and left behind time.. wuwuwu...

2008 Holidays - Part 2 - KL & Genting 17th -20th May 2008

This is just a all girls road trip down Kl for the long weekend... Since my best fren May came back from Perth and brought Tieng along, we decided to just have a short cuti cuti Kuala Lumpur-genting trip :D

Ai Ling the host of course is more than happy to accomodate all of us 7 girls at her home.. haha... the she brought us to go eat crabs and we proceed to.. jeng jeng jeng.. clubbing session at Velvet... guess who we bumped into... haha.. one member of the Hong Kong pop group, Grasshopper... then very jakun..take photos somemore... hahaha

Went to Pavillion's Madam Kwan and 1 Utama's Oriental Cravings for lunch...

Our group photos in genting... my all time fav photo... reminds me of schooling days.. My babes are friends since 7 years old.. standard one... and we all studied in the same school for 11 years.. my good old friends... and it's only half of them.. another half could not make it :( Looking forward for another trip.. hopefully this time Janice, Melia, En, Aileen, SC is in the group photo when the time comes :D

Our neo prints taken in Genting.. sipeh expensive but worth every penny of it.. cos I'm so loving these little photos....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2008 Holidays - Part 1 - Bangkok 7th - 12th May 2008

This trip was way back May last year and I only managed to post on the arrival to Bangkok International Airport... and that's when window's live writter decided not to ease my task.. sigh.. too many photos too little time.. so now i'm just gonna do a small summary about my trips and holidays of 2008. This is by far my most successful resolution and wishlist fulfilled :D To have international trips at least once a year and my wish to go for holidays. Photos taken were actually plenty... but i'm just gonna put some of it... else I'm never going to have this post completed :D

My Bangkok trip was pretty last minute... it was supposed to be an all girls trip with my babes.. but ended up it's so hard to just please everyone's schedule and preferred location, 3 of us just decided to just go on with any plan available and Goh brought along her colleague, Chooi Yee. so off we go to Sawadeekha Bangkok! That was my first trip overseas after so so so long i can't remember when was my last trip overseas.. imagine i have to go make new passport for this trip... the last trip if i'm not mistaken, i think it was Krabi and Phi Phi Island. My dad brought us there like donkey years ago... I have to say everything was pretty much well planned as we managed to covered most of the must visit tourist attraction :D

The first must visit in Bangkok is of course the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew (The Emerald Buddha)

(Wat Pho) The Reclining Buddha is also a must visit, the Standing Buddha ( Luang Pho To - Wat Intharavihan) and the Sitting Buddha I can't remember the name of the wat. It seems that these are the main and biggest pure gold Buddha-s in bangkok... According to a nice man that gave us few directions to these Wat-s

And of course we did experience tuk tuk and their SkyTrain rides; visits shopping malls like MBK, Platinum Mall, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery and few others... too bad we did not manage to go the high end and one of South East Asia's biggest mall Central World... shopping is so a must in Bangkok.. everything is so so cheap!! Chatuchak (Jajujak - JJ) is also a must... it's by far one of the biggest weekend market I've been.. but because of the heat.. (it was the hottest time of the year) we could not really manage to really concentrate on shopping cos we were practically aiming for little stalls with airconds.. haha.. we pretty much spent 8 hours plus there and only cover less than 1/4 of the market.. so imagine how long you need to really visit all stores... but you can get anything here.. anything and everything and bargained and cheap price!

We also learnt that the Thais are very patriotic people... everyday at 6pm their local time, they national anthem will be broadcasted on all radio stations... and what happened was, well, Chatuchak is a very busy place filled with loads of people... so me and my friend, Memek was walking to meet up with Goh and her colleague at the clock tower, it was packed and you need to squeeze in the moving people to get thru the way... but halfway squeezing, all of the sudden i could feel like we both could walk smoothly without the need to squeeze... i turn around wanting to ask memek.. and then only i noticed that the national anthem is playing on the loud speakers around the market and everyone... i mean... EVERYONE stood still, some sing along some just wait for the song to end... so of course me and memek stopped and stood still along cos we have been walking so fast like nobody's business not noticing it's the national anthem playing on the speakers... malu ni... so must respect also their culture...

We opt for Ayutthaya this time round instead of Pattaya due to the weather... it's so hot we were sun baking from sunrise to sunset... no matter how much water you drink, you will not go to the toilet very often cos you will sweat like a pig :P So with the decision for a historical tour instead of beach tour, we signed for a one day tour Ayutthaya for around MYR 160 per pax. it covers half day of tour around Ayutthaya and a river cruise of aproximately 2 hours with lunch buffet back to Bangkok. Tour guide for the day was the boss himself, Jacky.. since there's only four of us.. he personally guide this tour on his Volvo... haha.. We went to the few ruins of Ayutthya, first stop was Wat Chaiwatthanaram, second and fouth pic viewing by clockwise on top pic followed by Wat Mahathat, the first and third pic with the Buddha's head buried among the tree roots.

We then proceeded to Wat Lokayasutharam (Reclining Buddha), Pang Chang Ayothaya for elephant ride and Bang Pa-In (Summer Palace). Pretty much baked to perfection already that time :P

After all the tour, time to board the Sun River Cruise... we were late and the last to board.. paiseh... we had a relaxing buffet lunch and tea while cruising along Chao Phraya River back to Bangkok... enjoyed the view and manage to see Wat Arun that we didn't have the time to visit.. Wat Arun is the prettiest at dawn and so it's also known as the temple of dawn..

The tour was supposed to end but jacky was nice enough to offer to bring us to a typical thai dinner, with glutinious rice, papaya salad (som tam), cat fish salad, i don't know what's the other 2 called but it was pork and duck meat, not forgetting the yummy sour and spicy tom yam!
he then brought us to chinatown and also the Erawan's Shrine. Oh ya.. we went to the Thai Girl's show too... it's kinda disturbing.. ok.. done.. period..

Well, with few days of shopping, here's there achievement :P and i wish i have brought bigger luggage and have more time to shop :P until then, i'm definitely gonna plan second round to Bangkok.. maybe this time can go Pattaya :D Anyone wanna join??