Sunday, October 17, 2010

9 Emperor Gods Festival - Vegetarian Fares

Well, the festival has just ended, after 9 days with devotees practise 10 days straight on strict vegetarian diet. So, no more jam at my area.. and no more food conveniently available just right outside of my compound…

I did not go vegetarian these 9 days, but I sure did had a lot of vegetarian food… cos it’s the easiest way for me to buy food and go home right after work and gym… Well, it has been the same for years now… I will usually buy home instead of eating there cos I’m not practicing the full force vegetarian, and would not want to affect other people with me not being “clean” enough…  Vegetarians for the 9 Emperor God’s Festival will only eat food out from pots and woks that is only meant for vegetarian food. They will change all their utensils, cups and plates to new ones, since others have already been used for meat before. Even tooth brush and towels are changed to a new one during the festival. So it starts from the day before, and throughout the next 9 days.

So I always buy my food and eat it home at my own comfort… in front of the TV :P The place is also  packed and narrow with people and the economy rice stalls will have long lines surrounding the tables cos it’s basically stalls and seats all together on the sidewalk!
At my place, we have many stalls, it’s like a food court on the road side… with many to offer… I did not manage to try everything though… even those that I’ve seen them for years but never managed too… Cos the economy rice stalls is somehow or rather more tempting… I ended up eating a lot of rice within these 9 days!
One of the economy rice stalls….. There’s another one with more people and more choices of dishes too…
Economy rice I’ve had which are with pretty standard dishes. Most of it has got the mangkuang char (stir fried turnips with carrots and mushrooms) and also vegetable curry. Price are averagely MYR4 each. Cheapest was MYR3.50 and most expensive is at MYR4.50.  I was practically spoilt with choices! But I usually avoid taking the mock meat/fish/chicken.
Simplest, cheapest and fastest option would be the economy fried bee hoon (vermicelli), noodles (both yellow and maggi) and koay teow.
Also available is char hor fun/char cintan-maggi noodles and hokkien char…Char simply means stir fried.  This is the cintan noodles with mock char siu and, vegetables and curd sheets… MYR 3.50.
Also available is the char hor fun, also at MYR3.50.
Nasi lemak  MYR 1.20, which has mock ikan bilis, peanuts and sambal. Pretty pricey though for a small pack… but taste wise not bad also…
Then there’s burger! I’ve seen this stall at the same spot every year but never tried it. Cos to me it serves no purpose being a vegan when you still think of meat and wanting to eat them. This year however, I gave in to my curiosity as I saw many patrons waiting for their orders at the stall. It’s black pepper burger (chicken/lamb). What’s with the chicken and lamb, I’m not sure… but it’s basically more of like curd/curd sheet or tofu burger. So I ordered one MYR3.50. It does look like chicken burger though. With some vegetables and chilli sauce, th burger is good to go, with a nice hint of black pepper.
I could not really taste the burger though cos it blended in the bread, and the patty is thin. So it’s more of like eating bread with vege and dome curd sheets and chilli sauce :P
9 emperor gods festival - vegetarian Then they have this huge pack of crackers, potato and mushroom crackers, MYR 3.50 each.CollagesFor the sweet tooth, there’s muar chee and also I’m not very sure what it is called. But it tastes just like snow skin moon cakes without the filling.       
So I’ve not tried a lot of things this year… Mook’s Pizza it one of them, then there’s jawa mee, lam mee, lor mee, koay kark, savoury cakes, poh piah, hot dogs, sweet corn and many many more… There are a lot of stalls all over Penang and I have to say the ones here offer extensive choices. I’m gonna miss them and have to wait for next year then.     

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nothing Tastes Better Than Parent’s Cooking!

My parents came the other weekend cos we wanted to go for the Rasa Sayang Buy 1 Free 1 promo buffet dinner. And thanks to bro’s voucher, we paid only like RM10 per pax… hahahaha..

So they came early during lunch time, cos  mom wanted to clear off unwanted stuffs from our living room :P Along she brought fried vermicelli (bee hoon) she fried from home, and some lotus paste + nian gao pau-s dad made…. so there she was wanting to play hygiene inspector while dad wants to play plumber, wanting to fix our sink. Sigh.. parents… they just can’t sit quietly and enjoy the afternoon watching TV… so we have to help out too, cos it would be so bad if they do the cleaning and the kids sit there and do nothing right?

P1390126-1 This may look like a simple fried bee hoon…. economy bee hoon of course cannot fight.  It tastes very nostalgic. Reminds me a lot of childhood. During my childhood days, my family and relatives frequently go out for picnics, by the beach or the waterfalls. It’s usually in a big group of 3 to 4 families.. And everyone will bring food enough for all of us. When i had my first mouthful of the bee hoon, it immediately brought me back to the days, where we all were enjoying dipping and swimming in the cold water from the hills,  felt like it’s just not long ago… but in reality, it’s like 15 to 20 years back…Look at how fast time flies… and it still tastes the same..

On the way to Rasa Sayang that evening, we saw a number of  families out, having picnics by the beach… Mom said that’s it’s actually a good activity, spending quality time with family. I have to agree, and I do also noticed that majority only Malay families are still practicing it. Other modern families, are rarely seen having picnic outings with family. They spent their weekends at home or at the shopping centres… that’s where the sun don’t shine :P No offence but, I do have a lot of friends who are very afraid of the sun… Call me conservative or old fashioned, but I would like to bring my kids for picnic outings whenever I can, next time… if I have any la :P

P1390131-1And that’s my dad’s homemade lotus paste pau-s.  I think there’s some nian gao (sticky cake) inside too….

food from home

Simply the best, cos my papa made it :P

If I were to live with my parents, I’m surely to become a fat pig, cos I enjoy home cooked food a lot! phew… so partly good also that I’m staying out and have suffer without home cooked meals most of the time…

French Toast with Cheese

Many things you can do with bread, toast it and spread it with butter, jam, peanut butter and honey, eat it plain or be more adventurous with ham or any cold meat, tuna, dip it in curry, and the list goes on and on.

This time, it’s because the expiry date has due, I have to think of ways to clear everything off in a jiffy… good thing my sibling are around, so each are to settle just 2 slices each :P So I made french toast with cheese sandwiched in between..


Easy breezy… just beat eggs with pinch of brown sugar and salt… sandwich a piece of cheddar in between 2 slices of bread, dip and coat the sandwich with beaten eggs, and off to a lightly greased (I used extra virgin olive oil) pan, low fire.. Cover the pan for 30 seconds to allow the cheese to melt and stick the bread together… Off from the pan to a kitchen towel to remove excess grease if any…

P1390093-1 Slice the bread and served with some lettuce/salad and some cut fruits. Simple brunch on a Sunday afternoon….

Friday, October 8, 2010

Olivia Ong 王儷婷 You and Me (完整版)

Love this song... have been listening it for months, and still not bored of it... a good stress reliever, simply sensational... TGIF peeps! Enjoy! :D

It’s The Time Of The Year Again.. Nine Emperor Gods Festival


Well, 10 days of bad traffic and whole stretch of vegetarian fares, conveniently just steps from my place :D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Suho - Monday Thru Sunday (feat. IU)

I'm still not bored of this song, and have been listening for more than a month... IU is really talented, yet young... I like! :D

Chicken Chop Burger - Tesco Extra Food Court, Sungai Dua, Penang

After looking at my sis’s fren’s facebook photos of this huge burger, I was pretty determined to try it one day… so I did… haha.. Tesco Extra is somewhere I go pretty often for grocery shopping, cos it’s easy to get parking and nearby to home. But I never really paid any attention to the food court there…

P1350714-1So there I was in Tesco weeks back for grocery shopping, and decided to go get this chicken Chop Burger MYR6.00 for dinner.


List of western food available….tesco extra chicken chop burger

And pretty extensive too… the koyak rabak menu….

P1350722-1Don’t be deceived by it’s look… the photo did not do any justice… it looks like some regular sized burger right?? Well, it’s not lo..

P1350727-1 It’s placed in a square 7” X 7” box… so plus minus, the diameter of the burger is around 5 to 6” lo.. It’s a piece of chicken chop with vegetable and generous amount of mayo…

P1350739-1The chicken though, would be good if it’s a succulent juicy piece… it’s quite dry to be eaten just like that…

P1350747-1So I got the black pepper sauce… I think they have mushrooms or other brown sauce too… for additional MYR1.00 .

P1350765-1 So I spread the black pepper sauce.. (well, at the same time glad that I bought it home so I can eat and be messy, no one can see me :P)

P1350767-1 With the chilli sauce too… it’s seriously big I did not know how to handle it…

P1350782-1  In the end I cut it into 4 pieces so I can east decently like a princess :P

Dinner at Double Good Restaurant (好好), Bayan Lepas, Penang

My parents came over last Sunday for my bro’s convo and we decided to go for dinner nearby, so we went to Double Good…. luckily I called in the morning to make a booking cos it was full house by 7:00pm!

P1380696-1Ordering the food was very fast, one thing with double good is their menu is very extensive and they also offers new dishes from time to time which is not in the menu… the person taking the order was also very efficient and gave recommendations which ease the ordering process. We waited for around half and hour before food was served.


Initially we all ordered “tek chia”, sort of sugar came herbal tea but they are only left with 2 glasses we we took also.. mom said that it’s tasteless wor… so we ordered longan drink for the rest…


Everyone that patronize Double Good regularly would know their signature dish, the Indonesian Prawns, MYR25.00 for medium portion… cooked in curry style in a claypot with hint of salted fish, not too creamy with nice mouth watering aroma, not forgetting the fresh prawns too… Previously, my colleagues and I will go for lunch sometimes, and he would order Indonesian Chicken instead… so it comes with the same gravy but chicken in it.. they are pretty flexible to accommodate our order.


The gravy goes very well with the rice… I can eat that alone!


Kailan in 2 Types MYR12.00… one is regular stir fried with garlic, topped with deep fried shredded ones and anchovies… thought I’ll try something new, well, it looks nice and innovative but I’ll stick to other regular vege next time… it’s chewy and a little bland…


Their Special Bean Curd MYR12.00… This one is nice.. the texture is smooth, deep fried and topped with soy sauce and sprinkled with bits of salted fish and spring onions..


Cheese Mussels MYR12.00 for 6… not sure if it was baked cos there’s not hint of charred cheese at all… but it’s very nice… the cheese goes really well with the huge juicy mussels… topped with I’m not very sure.. perhaps also bits of salted fish??


Spare ribs in sort of sweet and sour sauce MYR12.00, also a good choice made. The gravy is yummy but most importantly, the spare ribs is tender… the bone came off easily even thought it was deep fried prior to the sauce.

P1380726 Taiwan Chicken  in Claypot, also more known as 3 cups chicken (3 bei ji)… which is just so so… I like my 3 cups chicken with strong taste of chinese wine.. but this only have a little hint… didn’t really like it…

Overall, I would say the meal was pretty pleasant.. I like 4 out of 6 dishes.. haha… kira pass la… The price is actually quite reasonable.. but of course if compared to some of the chu char place, their price is slightly expensive la… Nevertheless, it’s always full house during lunch and dinner especially.. So if you’re going in a big group, make your bookings in prior… else you would have to wait for your table… They do have another branch is located in Autocity (below address).

Double Good (Penang Island)
26, Jalan Tun Dr Awang, Sg. Nibong Kecil,
Bayan Lepas, Penang
Tel: 04-6434188
Business hours: 11 am to 3 pm, 6 pm to 10 pm

Double Good (Mainland)
1681-F2, Jalan Perusahaan,
Auto-City North-South Highway Juru Interchange,
13600 Prai, Penang
Tel: 04-5014188