Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheater’s Bread Pudding

Sometimes, I tend to experiment on cooking… especially when it’s time to clear off the fridge… This time round I had bread expiring, some ripe bananas, and some milk… so it immediately popped to my mind on making my own cheater’s bread pudding….I lined the little metal bowls with some butter and bread pieces… heat the milk, turned off the fire and add an egg, mix well.

Then I poured the mixture on the bread… topped it with banana slices and sultanas, and since I forgot to add sugar in the milk mixture earlier, I poured some condensed milk on top :P and popped them into the oven…

P1450506-1 It turned out not bad! maybe a lil dry cos i had so little milk left in the carton.. but overall, edible la… oh well, cooking is all about experimenting… :D

Experimental home made pop corn!

Saw some dried corn kernels  sold in the super market the other day and it just came through my mind on making some pop corns!  It did not turn out as good as those sold in cinema… but it was fun looking the the pop corn popping in the pot.. haha… i tried 2 different ways… one was i placed only few kernels into the oven, and when the oven heats up, you can see pop corn dancing in the oven.. those however are bland and tasteless ones…
To flavour them, butter, oil and sugar is their best friend… it’s not healthy, I tell you :P  But I also experimented on minimal amount of ingredients… this time in a pot, on the stove…it’s faster too… still lack of taste though… so I bet those sold in cinemas are made with lotsa butter and sugar.. no wonder they smell so nice and perfectly coated with caramel…. :P

A little simple and fast homecook meal..

Have been trying to increase vege intake and cutting off rice for a while… so I cooked simple and fast vege dishes like this one…

P1450475-1 Stir fried okra, winged beans, lotus root and onions with dried shrimp sambal… and yes, it will be best eaten with a bowl of hot white rice… but oh well, I ate it just like that and sacrificed the rice :P Very simple, just throw everything in the wok, then scoop in the sambal, give it a fast stir, and viola…

P1450488-1 The I steamed some frozen “siew mai”, blanched some lettuce and ‘di huang chai”, made the egg gravy with come oyster sauce to taste, topped with fried garlic… another fast and easy meal!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chilled Kiwi Fizz


I did not want to waste the kiwi which was too ripe, so I put it in the glass, mashed it with fork, threw some ice in and poured sprite in! Refreshing!

*you can use soda water if you don fancy sweet fizzy drinks…

Sorry, I haven’t been updating…

Oh well, I got really busy with things, this couple of months back and perhaps it’s gonna continue the same for the whole year… oh well, that is why I haven’t been able to maintain this blog regularly… And perhaps it’s also I didn’t have the time food hunting as well… and I need to shed some weight… :D

I’ll try to update those pending, and perhaps some I’ve managed to try lately.. :D

Stay tuned!