Monday, April 18, 2011

Experimental home made pop corn!

Saw some dried corn kernels  sold in the super market the other day and it just came through my mind on making some pop corns!  It did not turn out as good as those sold in cinema… but it was fun looking the the pop corn popping in the pot.. haha… i tried 2 different ways… one was i placed only few kernels into the oven, and when the oven heats up, you can see pop corn dancing in the oven.. those however are bland and tasteless ones…
To flavour them, butter, oil and sugar is their best friend… it’s not healthy, I tell you :P  But I also experimented on minimal amount of ingredients… this time in a pot, on the stove…it’s faster too… still lack of taste though… so I bet those sold in cinemas are made with lotsa butter and sugar.. no wonder they smell so nice and perfectly coated with caramel…. :P

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