Monday, March 30, 2009

Life in DHL Express - Induction June 2008

Time is moving real fast and while I was flipping my calendar wanting to plan my off days and how I would want to spend it.. I come to realize that it’s coming to April already…. And that means… I have been a DHL permanent employee for over a year now… I got converted to a permanent staff effective March last year. In total I’ve been in DHL for nearly 2 years now, which is something good :P How life have been in DHL, I guess it’s pretty much like the sea… sometimes calm, sometimes pretty rough… all jobs are like that la, right?

But compared to the year before, I was a more motivated and hardworking freak that work blindly and neglected other things in life… I sacrifices a lot of weekends for work and stayed later than normal. Now, I learnt that working smart would be a better option.

Anyways, looking back the past one year, I truly did enjoyed myself, engaging myself with work and activities… some i have blogged about previously...

Let me see… let me just start with my 2 weeks induction training in HQ, Menara TM. Pretty much a getaway from work for 2 weeks that I really enjoyed to the fullest :DLet me just as usual put the photos so it can self explain rather than I write a whole long essay about my 2 weeks…. It was last year anyways, June 08, so it’s another “yesterday” kinda post but bringing back great memories….

Flew off from PG to KL on Sunday afternoon and checked in to Armada.. that was then Armada Hotel PJ... the renovated rooms now are more chic and nicer to stay in :P

First dinner in KL somewhere opposite PJ Hilton, next to Giant... forgot the name :P

Group photo taken the first day with my batch of inductees

Banana leave rice at Sri Paandi courtesy of Thevakumar... :D

Break time at sky garden, DHL Express Menara TM

Our dinner, the worst ever nasi goreng pattaya... at the night malay stall/foodcourt somewhere near Giant too

Next day dinner again at Midvalley.... food and food again.. this shows I was not starved at any point of time during induction :P

Chicken pie lunch at San Francisco Coffee Menara TM, which was not nice :P

Banana leaves rice again.... i tell you, I've never had so much banana leaves rice in my whole life in 2 weeks consecutive........ :P This is somewhere in KL Sentral...

BBQ at one of the KL CSE's residence.. This was their BSG team BBQ dinner gathering on the Friday of the first week of our stay and so happen we were there, they invited us to join along :D

Look at the food... yum....

BBQ by the pool.. and it has got really nice pool and view too...

Free and easy weekend... while the ladies gone to each other's friend's and brother's place to stay, i have the room for myself on the whole saturday and i made a date with a friend, Tze Yuin... she was an ex-colleague of mine now working in KL... she fetch me that afternoon and treated me for lunch and basically we spent the entire day around the Curve, Ikano, Ikea and 1 Utama... and it's a time to catch up also after some time did not manage to meet up... when we were working together in the bank, she was like a mentor and a sister to me... very jaga me wan :D

Dinner at 1Utama and Big Apple donuts i took days to finish :P

Typical daily breakfast.. i has breakfast alone on a Sunday morning cos everyone went elsewhere and i slept the night before with all lights on and tv watching me in the end... sorry mother nature...

Lunch before out field visit to EPJ, courtesy of CFO, if i'm not mistaken :D

EPJ with my fellow "classmates" and we get to go on a courier ride... on my route i get to go Raber Castle and see the giant pencil, and a lot of Lotus cars in Proton Edar :P The courier i tagged along was Dave... real skinny guy....

Dinner at Asia Cafe courtesy of Eugene... not bad.. lotsa choices of cuisines all over Asia.... where is the place.. i don't know... Eugene gave us a ride and took us for dinner before sending us back to the hotel and back to Nilai again... woosh...

Lunch at Hong Ngek Restaurant, located at Jalan HS Lee. We had got a long lunch hour that day and Anuja decided to bring us to chinese food this round since I complained we have been having too much indian food already :P Pretty packed during lunch hours and the food served is yummy too... so that explains the crowd...

Last day in KL, aih... banana leaves again... haha.. since it's last meal and I'm quite used to it already.. okay la... afterall, i enjoy eating curry rice also :D I can't remember the name of the restaurants though... Anuja brought us there so i sit in the car and listen to DHL Raga.. haha.. i don't know what radio channel is that, a tamil channel but all i understand is that only...

Menara TM where DHL Express HQ is located

Our graduation night.... at Tea for Two, Jln Telawi, Bangsar

Yummy food served after graduation ceremony :D

Excited people everywhere.....

Photo session with my colleagues all over MY... the ladies...

and the boys.... and ladies too :D
Time flies.... this i cannot deny... what can I do is continue to run with it since it can't be stopped..
or perhaps sometimes stop for a while and look back the good times and memories, and then sprint again to catch up with time...
Coming up soon... Other activities joined in DHL within the year and the very recent trip to PulauJerejak with fellow colleagues, only last Saturday... although the attendance was only half of the team, we have indeed had the time of our lives.. enjoying ourselves with lotsa laughters.... It still and will always put a smile on my face everytime I view the photos taken that day...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2008 Holidays - Part 4 - Hong Kong 28th Sept -03rd Oct 2008 (Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple)

Day 6 - Wong Tai Sin - Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple was my last stop and then end of my Hong Kong trip...before taking the erry to Macau at noon... finally....... this time really gonna let the photos do the talking.... :D

Help~! I'm stucked!! How did it get there.. i seriously don't know.... poor tortoise... must be doing acrobatic stunts..

vain vain vain~

Coming up~ Macau!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

2008 Holidays - Part 4 - Hong Kong 28th Sept -03rd Oct 2008 (The Peak)

Day 5 - Hong Kong Island - The Peak, Central

End my day in Hong Kong with a trip to the Peak. Photos photos photos... The Peak (go wiki) is also known as Victoria Peak, Mount Austin or locals call it "saan deng".

My bro and I took a walk to the peak tram, enjoying the scenery and stuffs then to find.. wow... long queue for the tram.. i was like.. oh no... but haha.... if you are going to Madame Tussauds (wiki), you buy the tickets in package, you have the privillege to go first, something like cutting queue :D muahahaha..... but that also have to queue for like 1/2 an hour to get on the tram up the hill.... it's a short journey... but if you get a seat then good la.. i didn't get a seat i have to stand... so short journey also feel long also ah... hahaha...
Arriving at the Peak tram top station, did not really walk around but head straight to Madame Tussauds.... you'll meet Kelly Chen and Bruce Lee at the entrance... those who is not interested to go in would at least get to snap photo with them :D Moving in thru the entrance, the first guy you meet is Jacky Chan, but you cannot take photo with him with your personal camera... they'll take it for you and you want it, then you pay for it... good thing I'm not a huge fan :P Anyways, I spent a lot og time inside... just taking photos with the wax figures... and so many peopleeeeee!! have to queue for famous celebrity/politician/sportsmen/icons. The ones that are not most favourite, you can hug the figure whole night, no one will shoo you away.... haha...

Clockwise Kelly Chan, Anita Mui & Twins

Clockwise from Janice Vidal, Bruce Lee, Aaron Kwok, Leo Ku, Miriam Yeung, Andy Lau, leong Lai, Michelle Yeoh, Leslie Cheung & Bae Yong Joon

Clockwise from Johnny Depp, Eddie Murphy, Mel Gibson, Pierce Brosnan, Harrison Ford, Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and Anthony Hopkins

Clcokwise from the madame herself, Madame Tussaud on the top left first photo... she is so little..... Pablo Picasso, Adolf Hitler, Maestro Lang Lang, Albert Einstein and Mozart...

Clockwise from Chairman Mao Zedong, Sir Winston Churchill, Princess Dianna, Saddam Hussein, Nelson Mandela, British Royalty (Princess Anne, Prince Philip & Queen Elizabeth), Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto & Lee Kwan Yew

Clockwise from Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Mick Jagger

Clockwise from David Beckham, Ronaldhino, Liu Xiang, Tiger Woods & Yao Ming

Headed to Bubba Gump Shrimp for dinner cos most of the places were full and Bubba Gump Shrimp offers good view also :D

Pretty much splurge on this last meal in Hong Kong, we ordered 2 Mango Sparkler (HKD38 each), Mama Gump garlic bread basket (HKD35), Frankie's baked seafood & rice (HKD110), Caesar Salad (HKD36 with entree, else it's HKD78 ala carte) Sweet home BBQ burger (HKD108).. haha.. so do the maths... damage to wallet... jeng jeng jeng... HKD 401.50 with service charge... ouch.. hahaha.... but okay la.. long long once.. and since it's our last day in Hong Kong, we have not really fed out tummy properly, and budak have been nice enough to accompany me walk non stop with sometimes black long face... haha.. kira reward him a lil... :D
Finished dinner and stroll out to enjoy the view and super strong wind (when we actually gone back to our guesthouse, there was a sign at the lobby stating typhoon hoisted signal.. urm.. 4 i think or was it 2? haha.. can't remember)... so strong i shiver so badly... really cold!!! the view was not that good that night... pretty misty..... but it didn't stop us from taking photos... muahahaha....

I paid the guy HKD50 for that photo... of me and Budak... haha.. cos he have got the best spot and his cam all set up nicely... and leaving our camera on the tripod a distance away... well, we do not want to risk chasing camera thief with our full and heavy tummy... unless in the afternoons, then less people around.... haha

Photos of visit to Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin temple before leaving Hong Kong and Macau coming soon to conclude my travelogue for 2008... 2009 travel plans all put on hold... times are bad~ :(