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2008 Holidays - Part 4 - Hong Kong 28th Sept -03rd Oct 2008 (Touring around Hong Kong Island)

Day 5 - Hong Kong Island - Moving around Central, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Sheung Wan & The Peak

Day 5 was my last full day in Hong Kong, and because i have missed out a lot of the must eats the first 4 days, time to make it up to myself and fill the tummy with Hong Kong yummilicious food, and it's the day i've spent the most for food my whole life.. wahahaha... I'm not gonna write much... i hope.. just gonna put whatever i can recall and the photos will tell you the story itself :D

Head to Central and hunt for the famous dim sum tea house... so the choice was Lin Heung Tea House at Wellington Street.. packed as it's always known for, you would need to look for your own seats, even if it's sharing with a complete stranger.. it's pretty common in Hong Kong. The place if full of poeple, having breakfast and chaotic... have to make sure you don't get any of the waiters' way... Once seated, the waiter will come and ask what tea you want.. so we ordered very basic ones, which are siew mai, har gao and chee cheong fun.... the size is pretty big and it has 4 pieces in each basket. The siew mai has got fresh prawn in it too.. and in overall, the dim sums are fresh.. don't really favour the chee cheong fun though... wanted to order more but thinking of the other food to savour next, foot the bill and off we go... for a pot of tea, with these 3 items, cost me HKD75. I have to say, it's definitely cheaper eating dim sum here.. haha.. it's just the freshness is not there... and we just want to have the experience :D

Busy morning wet market, if I'm not mistaken along Gage Street... was actually hunting for Lan Fong Yuen, the one claimed to have the best pork chop bun and mix noodles, something like that... but failed to find it... sigh... saving my tummy for it and I couldn't find it.. haiyoyo... and i found it only in my photo when I'm back from the trip... sheesh..

Dr Lee Cho Kay.. well... i guess not everyone will get what i mean here.. so nvm.. :P

Basically walked around Central, sightseeing on the typical Hong Kong lifestyle... pretty relaxed at some point.. perhaps i was having my holiday so i can really take my own sweet time walking around... and look at that.. isn't it pretty, the lanterns and the ornaments... at this lane, i can't remember the name, they sells like a lot of these lanterns and oriental ornaments and decorative items..... must be competitives cos the shops are all like next to each other...

Moving up the Central Mid-Levels Escalators, you get to see a lof ot things cos it's connected to many different places.... very convenient and it's also an experience.. after all, it's longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world.. :)

And when I have forgotten about my Krispy Kreme cos i was so busy trying to locate Lan Fong Yuen, there it was.. haha.. appear in front of my very own eyes when I exit at one part of the mid-levels, along Elgin Street... have been wanting to try.. cos I heard it's good, and I don have to line a long queue like JCo that I always forego due to the wait... and yes.. it's good... yummy i wish i could fill more to my tummy... but can only afford to put one in.. so after few minutes standing in front of the yummy mouth watering doughnuts displayed, i made my choice for a very rich one... Can't remember the name but it's something like new york cheese.. filled with rich thick creamed cheese and topped with cheese sprinkles, haha.. imagine how hebat it that... :P Budak opt for some cappucino cinnamon, with cappucino cream filled and glazed with icing and sprinkled with cinnamon powder... and it accompanied by a cup of ice lemonade. I can't remember how much it was, but it's definitely more expensive than other regular doughnuts. :D

Along Hollywood Road.. famous for trinket and antique shops...

Came across this Monster burger outlet, a very busy outlet and it's lunch hour, pretty jammed packed with majority, well dressed guys... I can't recall seeing any girls around, perhaps monster burgers are meant for men, with bigger appetite cos from the menu I saw and the photos, this place is called monster burger for a reason... go figure :P and it's not cheap too.. a set is cost as between HKD 50 to HKD60.

Came across another interesting lane selling all halloween stuffs... so happen it's October and Halloween is around the corner.. so the whole lane are stalls and shops selling all these costumes, trick or treating stuffs, and everything halloween. Well, i wonder how is it like on normal days, i mean when halloween is over...

Proceed lunch at Yung Kee Restaurant at Wellington Street, same street with Lin Heung Tea House but both at different end , famous for their roasted goose, it's also listed in my must try list during my Hong Kong trip. Since we're still full from Krispy Kreme, we ordered century egg porridge, wan than noodles and 1/4 roasted goose. The portion is not big, just nice but we both could not finish but ended up taking away the goose since we only manage to eat few piece. The place is also always full and some need to make reservation. I was lucky cos the lady asked me if I can finish by 1pm, i guess cos they already have patrons that have booked for the table. I told her yes and they led us to our seats in no time... I guess we were quite early too, if it's above 1pm, I guess there is no chance for me to get a table. :D Anyways, this meal costed me HKD200++. Also another expensive meal.. the whole bird cost around HKD360 if I'm not mistaken... so 1/4 bird cost me, HKD 120 i think... i can't really remember...

After a satisfying lunch, we continue to walk around central, passing Soho and Lan Kwai Fong. Those are the few hip place during night time in Hong Kong... Of course i went during day time, the cars are open but it's not the happening time yet... pretty quiet and you see bar owners refilling their stocks getting ready for business when the sky turns dark :)

A ride on a Hong Kong Tram.. only HKD2 per ride... cheap, convenient and efficient :D

Jalan-jalan around Causeway Bay... a lot to see but was too tired to really explore everything... went to have a look at the WTC building that was on renovation and went to this street where they sell toys.. the whole stretch of road are all mostly toy shops.. can't remember the name though.. wahahah...

The headed off to Wan Chai, to the Golden Bauhinia Square... just a short walk from Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.. it's very windy, so tat explains the messy hair :P

Took the tram from causeway bay all the Western Market in Sheung Wan, since it's on HKD2 and we have extra time to spare before we head to The Peak. Western Market has got several shops inside and the Edwardian style structure building itself it somewhat appear interesting to me, i took a lot of photos here :P... i somehow just like it... haha... It has got a place, they called is The Grand Stage where some may hold weddings or any special dinner event there.... inside the bulding is also full with nice and pretty stuffs.... and i bumped into this DHL truck outside, I have no idea why i took this photo... wahahaha

Took the tram again to Central, and walked all the way to the Peak Tram.. it's interesting that you will get to see so many different building structures around, modern ones, the old churches, colonial/british influenced building... and it's nice to walk around when the sun starts to set, and the breeze blowing lightly.... I'm not sure if I feel the same here, but somehow, in Hong Kong, I felt different... although crime is everywhere, but i kinda forgot all about it in Hong Kong...I walked around everywhere there like nobody's business at any time.. even during night time, well, with my bro of course... but I don't think I'll do the same here.. it's just no safe anymore here... anyways, i guess i'll leave The Peak for another post, since this one is already photo overloaded :P

And of course like sampat, i took photos at nearly all MTR stations i exit... but i forgot the station that i exit everyday.. Tsim Sha Tsui... where i stayed for 5 nights.... and of course other few stations i just somehow forgot or too tired.. hahahaha... horrible.... and yes.. i don't care, i'm a tourist and i shall behave like one with my faithful camera :P

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