Monday, May 26, 2008

Photos from Bangkok & KL trip still in process...

I am still processing the photos from Bangkok trip... over 2000 photos from 3 cameras.. see until eyes wanna fall out... muahahaha... and photos from Olivia (Chew Chee's wedding dinner.. she's my cousin if some of you don't know :)) and photos with my girls during the long weekend trip down KL & Genting... will try to expedite :) I can't wait to post it out... but have to sort and pick the photos... so, stay tuned... photos will be out soon... i hope :p

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

1 year with DHL Express!

Today marks my 1 year with DHL Express! Nothing to celebrate though.... haha... but it's a good thing i manage to stick on with the workload and stress at times...

My cousin's wedding dinner tonight in SP, so have to rush back and hit the traffic after work :( Will try to take photos if can.. haha.. gosh.. now i have more photos to load... ZZzzZz.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back from Bangkok!

I wanted to stay longer and shop more frankly... haha.... there are a lot of things that i did not manage to buy... cos the weather is so freaking hot and so many people around! i want to shop shop shop! grr... geram.... haha... crazy d.... a lot of people there mistaken me for a thai though... they thought I'm a local and start speaking thai... then I'll just look at them puzzled and blank. I'll take that as a compliment then :P

More about Bangkok and photos soon... so tired..... sleepy.....and i have not really unpack... ZZzzz.... more updates soon~ i hope.. wahahaha.... Crazy weekend coming... going for a road trip down KL with my girlss!! wheeee~~

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mixed feelings.... I hate it...

I am leaving for a holiday in less than 2 days after so so long... I should be superbly excited... but somehow, it seems more like I am being hit by nervous breakdown.... or maybe something else... it's not that i'm not excited that finally i'm going for a holiday... it's just that maybe there has been a lot happening lately... work stress, have been pondering about my life and future, vanishing relationship,  lots of worries, the all along lack of confidence, insecurities, low self esteem.... i am feeling like shit.. seriously... my heart feels really heavy i just wanna throw up! my brain hurts.. damn!

Really hope that all these will go away by the time i arrive my holiday destination... so hard!!!!!

*yea.. i did not post anything for the past days... although i do have things to write about, well, i guess i'll do it one shot with my travelogue, Destination: Bangkok Thailand! I should just start packing now...  Sawadeeka Bangkok! Pls God, let me enjoy this holiday........  see you all next week!!