Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lok Lok at Pulau Tikus Market, Penang

Lok lok is basically food  on skewers where you dip in boiling pot of stock to cook it and then savour it with your favourite sauce, mostly satay/peanut sauce, and few other different chili sauce. Some even have sweet/hoisin sauce. Very similar to the satay celup in Jonker Street Malacca, except that it’s not being celup-ed into satay sauce.

There are infact many lok lok stalls in Penang but this is usually the packed one. It’s not because it’s the cheapest or taste better, but perhaps it’s because everything is laid on the table and they will replenish the ones finished and the variety of different items, from fish balls to seafood, meat balls to sausages, vegetables and many many more…

a (2)

See for yourself… hebat or not? :D I like it this way.. more convenient… rather than have to stand up and go get your choice of skewers from the stall… back to your seat.. or stay by the little truck and everyone fighting to dip into the small pot.. here… everything is in front of you…

Collages1-1 Variety of skewers… pricing at average of MYR1.00 per stick. Dip it in the pot of boiling stock until it’s cooked, served with sauce of your choice… but be careful… it’s piping hot!

a (1)

They serve fresh oysters too… at MYR2.60 each..

a Little oysters skewers, cockles, cuttlefish with convolvulus, ham, fish balls, deep fried wantons, broccoli, mantis prawns meat, Taiwanese sausages with few different sauces to choose from, and you can also order other hawker fares from other stalls… go check them out :D

Glutton Square (2nd Street), Sg Petani

To many staying in Sungai Petani, “Jee Kay” (2nd Street) or “Hao Jiak Kay” (Glutton Square) as we called it, is somewhere we are all familiar about… somewhere we have been for hawker food since we were young! I remembered that when I was little, my defaulted order was always the wanton noodles… one thing is because, I am a very shy person.. I don’t dare to go to any stall and place an order… so whatever my siblings eat, I’ll follow suit… so I don’t have to go make an order… mom once threatened me if I do not go order myself, then fine, be it that way, let me starve then! gosh… I was so upset, I forced myself to order the food, and walloped everything (I usually don’t eat the vege and the pickled chili but i downed everything that night), and say no word at all…  silent tantrum… now to think back… what’s the purpose i did that.. siao right? My mom would be so happy I did not waste anything… haha..  kids~

Anyways, besides plenty of hawker fares to choose from, it actually brings back a lot of great schooling memories… I used to hang out there for tea with my school mates, my babes and other friends from different schools for makan and chit chats…. missing the great times a lot… 


My all time favourite is the Jawa mee! It’s a must order whenever I’m there… well… for me, it’s the best, compared to the ones in Penang… but.. my Penang friends somehow do not know how to appreciate it… haha… perhaps they are very much used to the plain tomato sauce soup noodles (Penang Jawa mee) Collages1-1

Yellow noodles with the thick soup (made of potato based tomato gravy), sliced fried beancurd, prawn fritters, prawn crackers, boiled eggs,  topped with grounded peanuts and lime juice…


May May.. I know you want this :D muahahahahahaa…. *evil grin


The lor bak stall with it’s signature “bomb”.. yam balls with salted egg yolks… I don’t really like that one though… haha… first timers will be curious… my friend ordered it.. so that explains why it’s there in the plate… but they have pretty extensive choice of lor bak to choose from…


Barbequed pork slice bread… yummy! it’s a normal bun with bbq-ed pork slice, dipped in egg and flour mixture, i think, and deep fried to perfecto… crispy and so yummy… it has got different fillings to choose from, bbq-ed pork slice, pork floss or the chicken curry….


Fresh sugar cane juice… non diluted ok.. :D


Shaved ice, with “o gio” also known as aiyu jelly… perfect on hot sunny day!


This is like only a quarter of it…. many other yummy food available… the laksa… the claypot rice… the wanton noodles… the poh piah/spring rolls, nyonya kuih-s, the herbal tea drink, yong tau foo, chicken rice.. hokkien noodles, the fried chicken, and many many more!!


But I have to say, compared to last time, it’s not as packed already… losing it’s popularity I guess… and kids now don’t hangout at hawker stalls anymore… they go to bistros, coffee place, cafe and stuffs… sigh.. not like the good old days.. :D

Babes, one makan outing there again someday?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

This is the time where family gather, eat moon cake, drink tea and spend time together.. Kids play and go for walk with their lanterns, but it’s raining now here in Penang (in fact, it rains every year).. so I guess they can play in the house only la.. Last time when I was young, I would persuade my parents to bring us to the park (Taman Jubli Perak used to be a nice park, like a little zoo) when the sun sets, and of course together with my relatives… I’m lucky to have most of my relatives staying nearby… majority of my mom’s sisters and their family stays at nearby neighbourhood…. So we will call each other up and make an outing date to the park… those days, a lot of families enjoyed this day sitting at the park under the moonlight, the adults, sat there chit chatting, the kids, played with their lanterns, light candles around the picnic area, and an adult will escort us for the walk around the park and the huge pond… missing childhood times a lot laaa… :( Guess everyone does too, right?

Anyways, i bought 2 cute round grumpy piggy moon cakes from the market this morning… walked past the stall and saw them.. so cuteee… but now looking at their grumpy face.. aiyo… it’s like they already know their fate.. :P



A simple pandan mooncake, but nice… :D


Best snow skin mooncake I’ve had this year…. from Baker’s Cottage… it’s sweet but luckily it has got the saltiness of the yolk… Even Codie wants it…. :P


Sniff sniff……. mommy I want it!! *He’s not getting any :P


Worst snow skin moon cake ever tasted…. even the cheap ones selling at pasar malam taste better…the skin was hard and the filling was sticky.. it’s like a cake that was baked with high heat, the outerpart hard and the inside not cooked and imagine the mess when you start to cut it… I’m not sure if it’s not that fresh anymore or it’s meant to be like this… but if it is, then I’m so NOT gonna get them anymore, EVER…  my friend got the normal moon cake from Tai Thong too, and guess what…. there’s mold and fungus lo when they open the package up… tsk tsk tsk…..

Collages2-1Ang Kong Na Piah… direct translation would be, “doll biscuit”.. wakakaka… from Tho Yuen and Heong Far biscuit from Foh San….  

Collages-2 My sis’s friend bought her mooncake from Vietnam… it’s larger than a regular size moon cake and the filling…. hm… meat! Instead of the normal lotus/bean paste! I did not try it.. she say it tasted a lil bit weird.. so it’s okay.. she can have it all :P

So go grab a moon cake, a cup of tea and enjoy the night with the full moon view….

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hakka Mee @ Restoran Kampar Fish Jelly, Sg Nibong, penang

A colleague of mine introduced this place to me.. although I stay only nearby and went to the pet shop and other eateries at the same row, never actually take notice of this restaurant.

They serve noodles with minced meat sauce, and you can order soup with vegetables stuffed with fish balls and other options like tofu, bean curd sheets, other sides like belacan fried chicken and chicken feet..


The available options and all the vegetables are really fresh and green. Stuffed with smooth fish paste which eventually becoming fish balls.


Many greens to choose from, with different sides.


Served ala yong tau foo, in clear soup.


The Hakka Mee(noodles) with minced meat sauce… simple but nice…


Besides Hakka noodles, there are also other different type of noodles to be chosen from.



Fried sides served separately in a small plate, with noodles and the soup with vegetable of your choice…


Fried wanton and belacan fried chicken. The chicken was yummy!

Collages-1Chicken feet is not bad.. tender with nice fragrant. I can cook nicer ones though.. muahahahaha       


Complete and satisfying meal.. price is okay.. pretty reasonable. It’s usually filled with customers from opening to closing.. so I guess business is doing pretty well!

Restoran Kampar Fish Jelly

66, Jalan Aziz Ibrahim, 11900 Bayan Baru, Penang. (It’s the same row with Teng’s economy fried vermicelli. )

Contact ☎ 012-2861896