Friday, October 2, 2009

Hakka Mee @ Restoran Kampar Fish Jelly, Sg Nibong, penang

A colleague of mine introduced this place to me.. although I stay only nearby and went to the pet shop and other eateries at the same row, never actually take notice of this restaurant.

They serve noodles with minced meat sauce, and you can order soup with vegetables stuffed with fish balls and other options like tofu, bean curd sheets, other sides like belacan fried chicken and chicken feet..


The available options and all the vegetables are really fresh and green. Stuffed with smooth fish paste which eventually becoming fish balls.


Many greens to choose from, with different sides.


Served ala yong tau foo, in clear soup.


The Hakka Mee(noodles) with minced meat sauce… simple but nice…


Besides Hakka noodles, there are also other different type of noodles to be chosen from.



Fried sides served separately in a small plate, with noodles and the soup with vegetable of your choice…


Fried wanton and belacan fried chicken. The chicken was yummy!

Collages-1Chicken feet is not bad.. tender with nice fragrant. I can cook nicer ones though.. muahahahaha       


Complete and satisfying meal.. price is okay.. pretty reasonable. It’s usually filled with customers from opening to closing.. so I guess business is doing pretty well!

Restoran Kampar Fish Jelly

66, Jalan Aziz Ibrahim, 11900 Bayan Baru, Penang. (It’s the same row with Teng’s economy fried vermicelli. )

Contact ☎ 012-2861896

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