Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

This is the time where family gather, eat moon cake, drink tea and spend time together.. Kids play and go for walk with their lanterns, but it’s raining now here in Penang (in fact, it rains every year).. so I guess they can play in the house only la.. Last time when I was young, I would persuade my parents to bring us to the park (Taman Jubli Perak used to be a nice park, like a little zoo) when the sun sets, and of course together with my relatives… I’m lucky to have most of my relatives staying nearby… majority of my mom’s sisters and their family stays at nearby neighbourhood…. So we will call each other up and make an outing date to the park… those days, a lot of families enjoyed this day sitting at the park under the moonlight, the adults, sat there chit chatting, the kids, played with their lanterns, light candles around the picnic area, and an adult will escort us for the walk around the park and the huge pond… missing childhood times a lot laaa… :( Guess everyone does too, right?

Anyways, i bought 2 cute round grumpy piggy moon cakes from the market this morning… walked past the stall and saw them.. so cuteee… but now looking at their grumpy face.. aiyo… it’s like they already know their fate.. :P



A simple pandan mooncake, but nice… :D


Best snow skin mooncake I’ve had this year…. from Baker’s Cottage… it’s sweet but luckily it has got the saltiness of the yolk… Even Codie wants it…. :P


Sniff sniff……. mommy I want it!! *He’s not getting any :P


Worst snow skin moon cake ever tasted…. even the cheap ones selling at pasar malam taste better…the skin was hard and the filling was sticky.. it’s like a cake that was baked with high heat, the outerpart hard and the inside not cooked and imagine the mess when you start to cut it… I’m not sure if it’s not that fresh anymore or it’s meant to be like this… but if it is, then I’m so NOT gonna get them anymore, EVER…  my friend got the normal moon cake from Tai Thong too, and guess what…. there’s mold and fungus lo when they open the package up… tsk tsk tsk…..

Collages2-1Ang Kong Na Piah… direct translation would be, “doll biscuit”.. wakakaka… from Tho Yuen and Heong Far biscuit from Foh San….  

Collages-2 My sis’s friend bought her mooncake from Vietnam… it’s larger than a regular size moon cake and the filling…. hm… meat! Instead of the normal lotus/bean paste! I did not try it.. she say it tasted a lil bit weird.. so it’s okay.. she can have it all :P

So go grab a moon cake, a cup of tea and enjoy the night with the full moon view….

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