Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glutton Square (2nd Street), Sg Petani

To many staying in Sungai Petani, “Jee Kay” (2nd Street) or “Hao Jiak Kay” (Glutton Square) as we called it, is somewhere we are all familiar about… somewhere we have been for hawker food since we were young! I remembered that when I was little, my defaulted order was always the wanton noodles… one thing is because, I am a very shy person.. I don’t dare to go to any stall and place an order… so whatever my siblings eat, I’ll follow suit… so I don’t have to go make an order… mom once threatened me if I do not go order myself, then fine, be it that way, let me starve then! gosh… I was so upset, I forced myself to order the food, and walloped everything (I usually don’t eat the vege and the pickled chili but i downed everything that night), and say no word at all…  silent tantrum… now to think back… what’s the purpose i did that.. siao right? My mom would be so happy I did not waste anything… haha..  kids~

Anyways, besides plenty of hawker fares to choose from, it actually brings back a lot of great schooling memories… I used to hang out there for tea with my school mates, my babes and other friends from different schools for makan and chit chats…. missing the great times a lot… 


My all time favourite is the Jawa mee! It’s a must order whenever I’m there… well… for me, it’s the best, compared to the ones in Penang… but.. my Penang friends somehow do not know how to appreciate it… haha… perhaps they are very much used to the plain tomato sauce soup noodles (Penang Jawa mee) Collages1-1

Yellow noodles with the thick soup (made of potato based tomato gravy), sliced fried beancurd, prawn fritters, prawn crackers, boiled eggs,  topped with grounded peanuts and lime juice…


May May.. I know you want this :D muahahahahahaa…. *evil grin


The lor bak stall with it’s signature “bomb”.. yam balls with salted egg yolks… I don’t really like that one though… haha… first timers will be curious… my friend ordered it.. so that explains why it’s there in the plate… but they have pretty extensive choice of lor bak to choose from…


Barbequed pork slice bread… yummy! it’s a normal bun with bbq-ed pork slice, dipped in egg and flour mixture, i think, and deep fried to perfecto… crispy and so yummy… it has got different fillings to choose from, bbq-ed pork slice, pork floss or the chicken curry….


Fresh sugar cane juice… non diluted ok.. :D


Shaved ice, with “o gio” also known as aiyu jelly… perfect on hot sunny day!


This is like only a quarter of it…. many other yummy food available… the laksa… the claypot rice… the wanton noodles… the poh piah/spring rolls, nyonya kuih-s, the herbal tea drink, yong tau foo, chicken rice.. hokkien noodles, the fried chicken, and many many more!!


But I have to say, compared to last time, it’s not as packed already… losing it’s popularity I guess… and kids now don’t hangout at hawker stalls anymore… they go to bistros, coffee place, cafe and stuffs… sigh.. not like the good old days.. :D

Babes, one makan outing there again someday?


J-May said...

ahahhaha i miss lor bak and jawa mee~~~~~~

Wenlynn said...

have posted more and more food to lure you back here :P