Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hong Kong Revisited DAY 3 (2010-0118)

My sister arrived on my 2nd day in HKG and Branda and I joined her and her travel mates/colleagues on the third day… itinerary of the day was to head to Lantau Island to the Big Buddha, experience the Ngong Ping 360 ride, mine would be the 2nd time and first time for the rest of them…and shopping at Citygate, which was rather disappointing this round… none of us left the mall with any buy…… except for the medicated plaster I bought cos I freaking sprained my ankle lo while walking to the MTR after breakfast! Such a spoiler!

breakfast-1Stopped by for breakfast at a shop nearby to the Prince Edward station… Not sure if appetite was not really good, wasn’t hungry or the food is just not that appetizing :P The glutinous rice dumpling was so oily and the ones we have here is so much more nicer :P The porridge was ok though… and the noodles was a little bland….


In the MTR to Tung Chung… Ngong Ping 360 station is just adjacent to the Citygate Outlets and connecting Tung Chung station.

ngong ping-1

Outside Citygate outlets…

ngong ping-2

On the way to the Ngong Ping 360 station.. they had put up the Chinese New year and CNY decorations already..

ngong ping-3

Queue to enter the cable car… it can accommodate up to 10 person for each cabin… you either ride on a normal cabi or the crystal cabin with crystal glass cabin floors.. so you get to enjoy the view of the below your feet… and of course it’s slightly more expensive…

ngong ping-6

Nice view all around and good thing the weather is cold too…

ngong ping-5

More views….

ngong ping-7

Bird’s eye view of HKIA and also DHL Hong Kong Hub…. I discovered that on my first visit there… haha…

ngong ping-4

Myself, with Branda and sis…

ngong ping village-5

Finally arrived to the upper station and the Ngong Ping Village….

ngong ping village-7ngong ping village-6

Tea house in Ngong Ping Village…

ngong ping village-1ngong ping village-2

CNY deco all up, ready to usher the year of the tiger…

ngong ping village-3

Display of few different cable car cabin from around the world…..

ngong ping village-4

There are 3 different monkeys, mascots for Ngong Ping… This is one of it… :D

celebrities-1 And what’s the commotion at the Bodhi tree???

celebrities-2 Ohh… TVB celebrities!! Bosco and many familiar faces!

celebrities-3 They were shooting a Valentine’s day program…

celebrities-4 celebrities-5 We were all pretty excited… and all busy playing paparazzi…  last visit I did not see any celebrities also!

celebrities-6 We took the opportunity to take photos with them as well :D

celebrities-7 And they were nice enough to allow… although the producer actually said they have busy schedule ahead, so no photos with the celebs.. we, of course totally ignored him ler :P


I don’t really know her name but have seen her in a fair share of TVB series…

celebrities-9 Most of us that have grown up watching TVB series would have known this lady… she have starred on loads of series… and she’s pretty friendly too… she stood near to us and started chatting and asked us where were we from.. and said she comes to Penang once in a while…  and even asked about our Kek Lok Si :D (She once came to Penang, purposely to go Kek Lok Si only)…

celebrities-10 And of course who does not know Bosco Wong, one of the high rising TVB celebrity, also the ambassador of Kim Gary…giant buddha1-1 After a good one hour chasing celebrities, we headed to the Big Buddha….

giant buddha1-2  With my sprained ankle, I still managed to climb up the stairs and down again…

giant buddha1-5 giant buddha1-3

The Big Buddha….

giant buddha1-12giant buddha1-6 giant buddha1-10

More photos…..

giant buddha1-7  View from the Big Buddha….giant buddha1-9giant buddha1-11giant buddha1-8Group photos!!

wisdom path-1 15 minutes slow walk to the Wisdom Path….

wisdom path-2

wisdom path-5wisdom path-3 Words of wisdom carvings… which I do not know how to read :P

wisdom path-4 taufufa n black sesame-1

On our way back to Ngong Ping village, stopped by this place for tau fu fah (they used fresh spring water from the mountain it seems) and black sesame dessert…. the tau fu fah is slightly different.. Instead of palm sugar like we have here, they have like ginger soup and some-like crushed honey combs… I didn’t really like it…

mcdonalds lunch-2Had McDonald’s, Ebi Burger, breaded patty with fresh prawns! Nice… and did our non productive shopping, or more like window shopping at the Citygate Outlets…. good 4 hours or more wasted…

langham place-1

While my sister and gang headed to Mongkok for shopping, and I’ve done mine the previous day, I headed to Langham Place to find of the very much  and highly recommended durian pancake by Tzu. Did not manage to make it during my last visit and told myself I must go try… It’s from Honeymoon Desserts… and they have several branches around Hong Kong, China and also Indonesia!

durian & mango pancake-1

The pancakes… i bought both durian(green) and mango (yellow) pancakes…  it’s like crepe/pancake with cream and durian/mango. And the aroma… the moment I opened up the box of the durian pancake at the hotel room, it practically smelled like gas leak! haha.. Imagine! But it was yea.. good! and nice! So thanks to Tzu for the recommendation…

noodles dinner-2

The we headed to Tsim Sha Tsui for shopping and dinner, had something light and soupy… great on a cold night…. I had rice in soup with wantons and Branda had rice noodles with beef balls… or was it fish balls… can’t remember.. at around midnight, went back to the hotel to get some rest my then already swollen ankle.. jia lat… :P

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hong Kong Revisited DAY 2 (2010-0117)

Day 2 starts from here! another whole load of photos!hotel outside-2 Oriental Lander Hotel @ Tong Mi Road, nearest MTR station, Prince Edward
wong tai sin-6
Off to Wong Tai Sin…. more on my last visit here
wong tai sin-7
with a pretty garden…
wong tai sin-8
and me…..
wong tai sin-10
and whole lot of people on a SUNDAY morning!
wong tai sin-9
Colourful stalls…….
Then off to lunch… while trying hard to find Lang Heung Noodles.. stopped by this stall for gai dan zhai, a stick of siew mai (more of like fish ball siew mai) and drinks…. it’s so hard to find, it took us an hour and hell of  a sore feet to locate the noodle shop! I was halfway giving up and said why not we go to Cafe the Coral instead… but Branda was more keen in killing more cows that day… :P
Finally we found it!! it’s just a little humble shop but is claimed to be one of Andy Lau and Sam Hui’s favourite….
Ordered the signature Blanced Beef Tripe with I’m not sure what it’s all that with noodles.. it’s my first time eating moo moo’s spare parts… and also the soft pork done soup with koay teow…  like i said in the previous post.. their pork somehow taste a lil bit different… then kailan with oyster sauce.. the serving came big enough to  feed a family of 5! and perhaps the long search actually made me kinda lost my appetite… we could not finish it.. :Pstanley-8
Then off to Central via MTR, to take bus form the Exchange Terminus to Stanley…
stanley-7Get to finally relax my feet for a while enjoying the view… the bus ride passes Ocean Park which I went last visit and Repulse Bay…. That’s the famous building with a hole… it is said that hole the building allows the mountain dragons to drink from the bay on the other side.. it’s a feng shui thingy… There’s a Kuan Yin(Kwun Yam) and Tin Hau statues at the eastern end of the beach but we did not stop by….
Went directly to Stanley market! with lots goodies and good bargains… a lot of artsy stuffs there too… and a number of art gallery…
Behind the market to the promenade….
Many people on a Sunday afternoon, with friends, family and man’s best friend… their doggies!
stanley1-4 Bars and eateries along Stanley Waterfront and promenade…
stanley3-2 Enjoyed a lovely afternoon, cool breeze and great view….
stanley3-4 the Maritime Museum..

stanley3-5Tin Hau temple… and a short walk up to the Stanley Plaza.. there’s a bus stop to everywhere of Hong Kong and Tsim Sha Tsui from there…
times square-3 Head to Causeway Bay, Times Square… to find nothing interesting there wor :P
times square-4Many people there though… there’s a lot of shops outside Times Square too.. but it’s still not as packed as Mongkok…
tram-2 Took a ride on the tram to Central station.. so we can make it on time back to Tsim Sha Tsui at 8pm to view the Symphony of Lights…symphony of lights-2
The wind was strong, with cold breeze….brrrr.. shivering… but nice!! Did not take much photos of this cos I’ve taken more than enough the last round… :P
and more moo moo spare parts noodles for dinner… that bee hive looking thingy is the stomach i think… people usually eat “ngau lam” noodles, that’s the one on the top left…. mixture of spare parts..  i remember my counterpart told me during my last visit and meet up with her, that  “ngau thou” the bee hive looking thingy taste better… so I ordered dried ngau thou noodles… not bad not bad… this shop if I'm not mistaken is along Cameron Road.. i think la.. or somewhere nearby… can’t remember the name but i can remember how to go :D

Coming up Hong Kong Revisited DAY 3 (2010-0118).. with lotsa celebrities.. hahaha