Monday, April 19, 2010

Lorna Yoko aka Kawaii’s Birthday Dinner

Kar Wai turned XX 2 weeks back and she invited a few of us over to her home for dinner and steamboat…. with a group of her close friends..


Her mom cooked yummy chicken curry and thong sui.. white fungus with gingko… and she organised for steamboat and bbq as well…  and that’s her cake which we did not manage to eat cos it flew up and dropped nicely, thanks to the birthday girl herself… haha.. the funny thing is she dropped the cake on her own self… and started cake war.. good thing the cake is a small one…2010-414 Steamboat stuffs set up at her porch…

2010-413  Birthday girl, MeiHee and myself…


And group photos… :D Happy Birthday again to Ms Lorna Yoko aka Kar Wai!

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