Monday, March 31, 2008

A call from a long lost friend.....

Well.. not very long per se... urm... 4 or 5 years maybe? she was my high school friend... when I was in form 4, among the girls of my gang, I'm the only one who pursued art stream taking economics, commerce and accounts instead of physics, biology and chemistry. Being in a well.. english/malay school, majority of chinese will pursue science stream...

anyways.. i met Annie (Chee Hoon-as I used to call her) when she transferred from another school to Convent in form 4, so landed herself in the same class as mine. Small class with less than 30 students... I think... hahaha... 9 chinese in the class, one indian and the rest malay classmates. Herself, me and Seu Kee, another class mate sat together in one row, so we were pretty close. We were also in the same sports team, Rumah Merah!


This was one of the school activity for QSCC, not sure what it stands for, but it's sort of like the morning exercise we all do during daily assembly. Annie is in the middle front. Taken in year 2000 if I'm not mistaken.

2  This was 2000 sports day.. Annie was made my team (the red house) mascot for the day.. i made her costume... haha... and she delightedly wore it parading round the field... she have a lady bird shell at her back... i gave my only copy of photo of the ladybird shell to her.. i hope she is still keeping it.. hehe

3 It was indeed a proud moment as after 3 consecutive years the red house was at the last place, we managed to emerge first place as the champion! Yay.. and I was the house captain! haha.. so yea.. i can do sports okay! haha.. i can sprint and run, i can do shot putt, javelin, disc flinging (lempar cakera) and i can high & long jump too... hebat or not? muahahha.. tu diah... bakul angkat tinggi tinggi already.. enough of self praise.. muahaha... but those were good times...

5 class photos 1999 (Form 4 Harmoni) and 2000 (Form 5 Harmoni) - Class teacher Miss Lim. Annie is standing 4th from right on top phoos and sitting first from left... don't bother locating me :P

We studied together until end of secondary school, 2 years and then most of us part separate ways. I went to college, other too, some form 6, and she went to Japan as her mom was already in Japan for years even when we were still studying. So she stayed with her aunt during schooling years in secondary school.

During college, she came back one time.. for holidays... so i went to meet her for a short chat... she gave me a lil souvenir key chain, a wu lou with Mount Fuji tiny image, it's my fav key chain and it's still hanging to my car keys... but  now it's kinda spoilt d... damn kek sim... the lower part of the wu lou dropped somewhere.. it's like a crystal glass type... sigh.. but i still love it though... and also some kind of ornaments with 3 piggies she got when she went to Taiwan for holidays that time... During these years after leaving schools, she still from time to time send me cards, called me from time to time for a short chat... long distance call mah... haha... I never got to call her cos she never did provide me her number and during that time sms cannot actually go thru Japan line... now i think she said it can only with 012.. but not sure.. i've got her address and the problem is.. address she wrote was in chinese... haha.. i have problems with that... i don't read and write complicated chinese words!

4 Birthday & christmas cards and letters sent to me in 2002. 6 years already! the wu lou key chain (left the upper half only and discoloured also :(  )and the souvenir from Taiwan.. 

So much a long story... I was leaving office today after clearing some things and preparing for tomorrow's work... then my phone rings, very odd number... it was only +60301.. what came into my mind was hmm.. this better not the scam calls.. I answered it anyway... with little voice, she called my name.." Ah Wen.. you know who I am or not?" haha.. no.. I did not guess it correctly.. sheesh.. I thought it was another friend in Australia as she was asking me about some things with her career last night.. so it was Annie who called from Japan.. we had like around 20 minutes chat.. it must have cost her a lot... She's still in Japan, with her family, her mom, brother and Japanese dad... :) She's now studying tourism in Japan... and I told her I shall visit her one day... haha.. she said that the place she stayed is not very happening nor a big city.. it's around 1 and a  1/2 hour travel from Tokyo. I made her sms me her number and her address in english.. but did not receive anything yet so far.. haha.. i shall mail her tomorrow.

Gotten a call from a friend have certainly brighten my brings a lot of great old memories... moreover, she's a friend that I have kind of lost touch and hoping for her to call me so I can get her contact number.  I guess it's not only diamond is forever, but to me friends are forever.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Shanghai 10, Queensbay Mall Penang

ya ya.. i know i know.. i am not suppose to eat or indulge.. but haha.. sometimes things do go out of control... how's my diet going?.. well.. it's not very ultimate alter all.. gosh.. discipline is what I really need...motivation.. determination!!!! I am trying whatever I can now... hahaha.. gosh.. will this ever work... pressure betui... anyways.. diet aside first... we went to Shanghai 10 few days back for lunch... it's like a cheaper version of Dragon I, and they serve somewhat same type of cuisine... and it's cheaper than the toilet bowl place :P and you get extra discount when you present your J Card.


24Our mains, somewhat like wan tan noodle soup with generous 5 piece of "har gow" -like wan tan, dan dan noodles, i forgot the name, fried rice, and this fried koay teow-like thingy.. haha.. gosh. i basically forgot all the names.... food was okay... nothing to shout about but again.. it's better than the toilet bowl :P

5 Durian pancake.. well.. it's not the season yet.. I wonder where they get their all year supply...  taste pretty okay... the crepe wrap maybe could taste better... My colleague told me I should try the one at Langham's Place when I'm in Hong Kong this coming Sept. It's the best she has ever tasted so far.. And Xiao Long Bao-s.. well, the one in Dragon I taste better.. but it's slightly cheaper here and cannot really complain for the price la...

7Barley Foo Juk, Green tea honey lemon and Honey Dew Snow something something...  Well, i don recommend the honey dew thingy... should have chosen the honey dew sago instead... the shaved ice is not fine enough and it's like made with honey dew cordial, and tiny honey dew  pieces instead of honeydew balls as shown in the menu.. it does not taste like real honey dew...  haha.. basically, everything looks more tempting in the menu...

Total bill after discount was RM55.99. Will I ever go back again? yea.. maybe...

3 Went back to office, and happen that our country manager who came for meetings for the past few days decided to treat all of us in the office 2 whole Secret Recipe's cake. yea.. there are pretty a lot of us in the office so they cake have to be cut this way.. so that everyone will get a share at least.. So.. thanks boss!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ken Lee ... Tulibu dibu douchoo~

Wahahaha... my nephew send this link to my bro weeks back... and till today everytime i sees this.. i cannot help but to laugh my ass off.. She have the improved version in the Bulgaria music idol appearance but i still like to see this one though... admire her confidence! wakaka...wahaha.. i think many have seen this.. to those who haven't.. haha.. enjoy!

Codie boy with his new cap... wahahaha...

I just love to kacau my lil boy... and he being such a darling always entertain me and play along.. hahaha... always my precious....

Kie 1

kie 2

My new pair of glasses is home...

Oh.. today afternoon I got a call from the optician telling me it's ready and I can pick it up anytime.... well, earlier than what they've told me earlier.. and urm.. ya.. did I say it's actually a guy's frame.. haha.. apa nak buat.. the feminine type does not suit me... anyways.. gosh.. my vision had gone pretty bad.. when i put it on while driving home.. I can see real clear.. everything.. although dizzy when I first put it on... and can see far again.. crystal clear!

So, as I said earlier... here's how my new glasses looks like.. simple looking type of glasses... and also me cam whoring in it... Please bear with me.. can't help it.... :P



Sunday, March 23, 2008

New pair of glasses....

Just got home from the optician! and there are decrease and increase of power on each side of my eyes. anyways, got myself a new pair of glasses with damage to wallet, RM350. The lense itself more expensive then the frame.. :( Not sure if I've made the correct choice of frame, later like auntie.. habis la... kekeke but since it's not very expensive.. then ok la.. somemore vision getting worse.. if don't get it fix then jadi more teruk... will get it in prolly a week time... will post the photo... maybe.. haha..

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, Queensbay Mall Penang

6As I was snapping this photo, I over heard 2 girls talking in chinese, "Like this also want to take photo ar?" HELLO! my problem la I wanna take.. how? report police la.. ROARRR!! grrrr! I took this photo in a rush cos the lift arrived already.. else I would have just shoot them.. shoot their photos la I mean.. haha..

7Washroom-y concept with toilet bowls,  shower and lotsa cartoon poo poo in various colours  too! And yea.. the bill came up to nearly 70 bucks for 4 person... pretty expensive for shitty lunch.. wakaka... well.. i was warned not to expect too much.. cos reviews from some is the food is not very impressive, portions are small, and a lil bit pricey. but well.. just wanna go try for that one time... haha... it's a small outlet.. and NO RESERVATIONS allowed... although from the online flyers circulated around, a phone number was provided... but it was merely for us to call and ask if the food is good or not.. or maybe just to chit chat with the phone owner.. geez... remove the phone number away la if cannot reserve!

1Toilet bowl seats with pretty decorated covers, huge sink tables, and mini toilet bowl dish

2Drink choices are pretty limited... whatever juice in the menu are cordial drinks... the green tea, i think they just put the tea bag, hot water and then just chuck loads of ice inside.. like that also can?? then how the taste going to come out? and lemon coke... they give one glass of ice with thin slice of lemon... I don think it's make much difference if I just order coke la.. my colleague requested for more lemon, they just add one extra tinier thin slice.. well.. my colleague gave up eventually.. haha...


Chicken chop rice, I think.. cannot remember...  Rice comes with chicken with sauce and one little slice of carrot and broccoli floret.... out of nowhere got one deep fried chicken wing and tamago slice

5The only dish that will be served on the mini toilet bowl is the cheese baked looks rather dry... so so only la my colleague fare this dish... and the boxing chicken.. we saw next table ordered.. well.. smells good.. we ordered one too... the smell is better than its taste.. but still okay.. it's not bad but maybe we kinda put higher expectation from the yummy aroma we got when they served the table next to us...

3 Lemon fish and rice... pretty similar with the chicken chop rice.. just of course it comes with fish and very lemony sauce, with carrot slice, broccoli floret, gyoza and tamago slice.. and ya.. that's the deceiving looking boxing chicken again...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy with homework(holiday plans)

Haven't got much time to post anything this week... busy planning for holidays... surveying here and there, trying to get the best deals... not sure if it's going to happen... haha..
Need to survey for:-
Koh Samui
Siem Reap
urm.. where else..... and worst come to worst.. road trip in Malaysia itself... wakakaka....
8 of us... ahh.. must be lotsa fun! can't wait for May to come!

At the same time, have to do homework for my ShenZhen-Hong Kong-Macau trip during Raya this year... a postponed trip from last year and hell i have to pay freaking extra $$ to reschedule!!! grrr... Most possibly I'll be holidaying alone... cos my sis wanna earn OT during Raya...haha.. teruk betui! Wanna bring my mom but scared that my mom cannot tahan i wanna walk around whole 9 days kau kau... the original ticket holder... long story... don't even want to talk about it.. bluergh.. menyampah... and auntie.. i paid for myself ok...! Anyways, 9 days in foreignland.. haha.. not very foreign.. but i have to brush up my cantonese! Else makan Mcdonald's everyday... Another holiday I've been waiting for so long, I'll make sure it happens! Go alone mah go alone la.. lagi shiok...

la la la la~~~

Saturday, March 15, 2008

How my life in Penang started.. Part 1 - College life

It was July 2001, at the age of 18, I enrolled in IICP (Inti International College Penang) and I have been spending most of my time here in Penang ever since... Today, I was supposed to meet 4 of my ex college/coursemates for dinner, one of them is my childhood friend... both of us decided to study together in IICP, eventually became roommates for a year and housemates for another year. It was a Adv Diploma 2 years course. My housemates majority all from SP on the first year of tenancy, second year was mixture of SP/AS/BM. Anyways, back to the dinner plan... it was canceled.. why.. well.. massive jams everywhere for some reasons.. and so called riots, blocks on the major roads and Penang bridge itself. One of then stuck in Prai and afraid of can't make it in time, one had to attend training... and the remaining 3 of us decided to call it off since it was meant to be a group gathering to catch up and chit chat.. it has been a while since the last time we all gathered together... 5 years back I guess... so, we had to reschedule to I don't know when..

So I was sitting in my room, trying got recall the times we all spent together during college... great times I had during my college years, not much worries, not much pressure and it's basically one of the best times in my life. Looking back thru old photos just makes me want to turn back time...

1They are the friends I've made during my first year of college.  First row from left is Sei Sei, Denise, Siew Ai, myself and Jenny. Second row is Pauline, Putrie, Leng Boi and Ying Yan. (Photo taken 13th August 2001 - Lecture Theatre B IICP)

Throughout my 3 years of studies, Siew Ai was my best pal in college. We were somehow very close  to each other.  Jenny was my shopping kaki and we have indeed been good pals as well. Leng Boi, my childhood friend, was also another close pal of mine, from school mate to room mates, a lot of things we did together and it was definitely good times I've had (although there was misunderstandings etc.... we'll still good friends till now :) ) Sei Sei was the hardworking one... we always wanna copy her assignments :P.. in fact, we kinda all copied each other's assignments. Denise will be the one calling me at the night before you have to submit your assignment.. haha.. her first few words would be " Ah Wen.. how.. die la die la.. how la... I haven't do my assignment..." hehe... all of us are champions when it comes to last minute assignments... Myself and Leng Boi will start our assignment 12 midnight and will not sleep until the next morning and go to class straight with our completed assignments in hand without fail... haha.. now if I don't sleep whole night, I don think I can survive to go work the next morning.. getting old I guess...

2 Our first prom night... It was in Equatorial Hotel.. (15th September 2001)


6 My best friend since kindergarten.. She have just finished her SAM in Disted and will soon leave for Australia to further her studies then... and I was on 3 months summer holidays, she invited me to join her coursemates to Genting/KL trip... we had loads of fun.. I remembered that we went to a club.. something like Club of 95 in Genting for some drink.. and clubbing too... haha.. (3rd December 2001)


SP friends studying in town area during that time, DISTED & TAR college... 8th January 025

7 SP friends a.k.a housemates & May (8th January 02)

10 9These guys are my SP friends studying in town, at Desa Mas, their place during that time...

8 Back to Desa Golf, my place during that time, housemates and also friends staying another unit.. May came to just spend time, hang out before she leave for Perth...

11 The day May leaving for Perth to further her studies... (10th Feb 2002 - Penang Airport)



14 Trip to Penang Hill for project survey and gathering of information. We were a team for this project... can't remember the subject though... 7th April 2002

15 16

17 Second prom in IICP - 21st September 2002 - Pearl Island Country Club


19 Team photos for another project.. I think it was project management... and we have indeed had great time traveling to KL together for the project. It was also the project that made me stayed up 48 hours without any sleep! but as soon as we handed everything to the lecturer, I slept for 18 hours straight. Another stunt that I cannot do now, unless I don't have to work la :P

20 25 During the first 24 hours without sleep, went for presentation, then head home to complete the whole set of assignment for the team... Siew Ai was helping me full force until we managed to complete everything and handover to the lecturer at 8pm. Thanks a lot to Siew Ai!


27 22 23

24 21 Camping trip with my housemates at Pantai Kerachut. We hiked in and it was very challenging if you don't have stamina... haha...

29 28 This was our last gathering in huge group before our course ended, went to red box for 6 hours karaoke! hehe.... and we skipped classes for this... imagine.. all guilty if charged... :P (7th April 2003)

Can't find any photos of my final year in college.. except for graduation photos.. will post that up another time... Well, life moved on after college.. during the first year joining the rat race, i met Sei Sei, Ai and Denise for a gathering a couple of times and regularly with Ai during weekends for coffee, dinner, shopping.... but after I went in Intel, we got busy with our job and meet up less after that... only online/phone chatting. Went to her birthday in 2006 and that was the last time i meet her.. gosh... time flies...... we need to reschedule our gathering pronto!