Monday, March 31, 2008

A call from a long lost friend.....

Well.. not very long per se... urm... 4 or 5 years maybe? she was my high school friend... when I was in form 4, among the girls of my gang, I'm the only one who pursued art stream taking economics, commerce and accounts instead of physics, biology and chemistry. Being in a well.. english/malay school, majority of chinese will pursue science stream...

anyways.. i met Annie (Chee Hoon-as I used to call her) when she transferred from another school to Convent in form 4, so landed herself in the same class as mine. Small class with less than 30 students... I think... hahaha... 9 chinese in the class, one indian and the rest malay classmates. Herself, me and Seu Kee, another class mate sat together in one row, so we were pretty close. We were also in the same sports team, Rumah Merah!


This was one of the school activity for QSCC, not sure what it stands for, but it's sort of like the morning exercise we all do during daily assembly. Annie is in the middle front. Taken in year 2000 if I'm not mistaken.

2  This was 2000 sports day.. Annie was made my team (the red house) mascot for the day.. i made her costume... haha... and she delightedly wore it parading round the field... she have a lady bird shell at her back... i gave my only copy of photo of the ladybird shell to her.. i hope she is still keeping it.. hehe

3 It was indeed a proud moment as after 3 consecutive years the red house was at the last place, we managed to emerge first place as the champion! Yay.. and I was the house captain! haha.. so yea.. i can do sports okay! haha.. i can sprint and run, i can do shot putt, javelin, disc flinging (lempar cakera) and i can high & long jump too... hebat or not? muahahha.. tu diah... bakul angkat tinggi tinggi already.. enough of self praise.. muahaha... but those were good times...

5 class photos 1999 (Form 4 Harmoni) and 2000 (Form 5 Harmoni) - Class teacher Miss Lim. Annie is standing 4th from right on top phoos and sitting first from left... don't bother locating me :P

We studied together until end of secondary school, 2 years and then most of us part separate ways. I went to college, other too, some form 6, and she went to Japan as her mom was already in Japan for years even when we were still studying. So she stayed with her aunt during schooling years in secondary school.

During college, she came back one time.. for holidays... so i went to meet her for a short chat... she gave me a lil souvenir key chain, a wu lou with Mount Fuji tiny image, it's my fav key chain and it's still hanging to my car keys... but  now it's kinda spoilt d... damn kek sim... the lower part of the wu lou dropped somewhere.. it's like a crystal glass type... sigh.. but i still love it though... and also some kind of ornaments with 3 piggies she got when she went to Taiwan for holidays that time... During these years after leaving schools, she still from time to time send me cards, called me from time to time for a short chat... long distance call mah... haha... I never got to call her cos she never did provide me her number and during that time sms cannot actually go thru Japan line... now i think she said it can only with 012.. but not sure.. i've got her address and the problem is.. address she wrote was in chinese... haha.. i have problems with that... i don't read and write complicated chinese words!

4 Birthday & christmas cards and letters sent to me in 2002. 6 years already! the wu lou key chain (left the upper half only and discoloured also :(  )and the souvenir from Taiwan.. 

So much a long story... I was leaving office today after clearing some things and preparing for tomorrow's work... then my phone rings, very odd number... it was only +60301.. what came into my mind was hmm.. this better not the scam calls.. I answered it anyway... with little voice, she called my name.." Ah Wen.. you know who I am or not?" haha.. no.. I did not guess it correctly.. sheesh.. I thought it was another friend in Australia as she was asking me about some things with her career last night.. so it was Annie who called from Japan.. we had like around 20 minutes chat.. it must have cost her a lot... She's still in Japan, with her family, her mom, brother and Japanese dad... :) She's now studying tourism in Japan... and I told her I shall visit her one day... haha.. she said that the place she stayed is not very happening nor a big city.. it's around 1 and a  1/2 hour travel from Tokyo. I made her sms me her number and her address in english.. but did not receive anything yet so far.. haha.. i shall mail her tomorrow.

Gotten a call from a friend have certainly brighten my brings a lot of great old memories... moreover, she's a friend that I have kind of lost touch and hoping for her to call me so I can get her contact number.  I guess it's not only diamond is forever, but to me friends are forever.


*JaNicE* said...

wen, u look soooo young in the first photo!!

Wenlynn said...

hahaha.. i was young! it was like when we're in form 4 or 5 only wor.. my god.. now i feel old :(