Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's March already!

Currently in the midst of looking thru the photos taken last week... during lunch at Sakae Sushi, a colleague's wedding, home for mom's birthday... well.. it's a new month and so many things to do... sigh... work is never ending... my ultimate diet plan has just kick started, photo editing for my posts.. a lot of banking to do...and well... it's a new beginning at work too... :) it's sad to see some of my close colleagues leaving to pursue advancement in their careers... It seems that suddenly turnover here become very high.. everyone seems to be very eager to leave... Anyway, congratulations guys... best wishes from me to you and your future and definitely hope we'll keep in touch...

A lot of plans made for the coming months... my best friend is coming back and today she sms-ed me.. announcing that she have just became an aunt today!! Her brother and wife just welcomed their newborn today. A baby girl.... congratulations to the Tan-s! She's gonna be spoiled I tell you! Like my best friend said, her title as the princess at home is now being transferred to the new born baby girl.. not sure if they have decided on the name yet :)

Can't wait for the next gathering with my girls.... in May! Initially we planned for trip to Bali/Bangkok but have not confirmed. Alternatively, planning to have road trip down Cameron/Genting and KL. Also not confirmed... haha.. looking forward to the day!!

Speaking of gathering, I have not met my ex HSBC colleagues for months now... 4 of us should go out again... the last time was... urm.... October 27th 2007. gosh.. nearly half year ago... We went to Machang Bubok for steamboat and then some drinks... now i realise that i have missed out posting the occasion.. guess now I have extra photos to edit.. wahahaha

My ex UOB colleagues to.. the last gathering we had was in Chilis but only few of us... our last in huge group outing was October 2006.... drinking session at Carmen. Also must organize for some gathering again... it has been more than a year!

So many things, too little time!!! I should catch some sleep now.. long day at work tomorrow.. sigh... shall update soon!!

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