Friday, March 28, 2008

Shanghai 10, Queensbay Mall Penang

ya ya.. i know i know.. i am not suppose to eat or indulge.. but haha.. sometimes things do go out of control... how's my diet going?.. well.. it's not very ultimate alter all.. gosh.. discipline is what I really need...motivation.. determination!!!! I am trying whatever I can now... hahaha.. gosh.. will this ever work... pressure betui... anyways.. diet aside first... we went to Shanghai 10 few days back for lunch... it's like a cheaper version of Dragon I, and they serve somewhat same type of cuisine... and it's cheaper than the toilet bowl place :P and you get extra discount when you present your J Card.


24Our mains, somewhat like wan tan noodle soup with generous 5 piece of "har gow" -like wan tan, dan dan noodles, i forgot the name, fried rice, and this fried koay teow-like thingy.. haha.. gosh. i basically forgot all the names.... food was okay... nothing to shout about but again.. it's better than the toilet bowl :P

5 Durian pancake.. well.. it's not the season yet.. I wonder where they get their all year supply...  taste pretty okay... the crepe wrap maybe could taste better... My colleague told me I should try the one at Langham's Place when I'm in Hong Kong this coming Sept. It's the best she has ever tasted so far.. And Xiao Long Bao-s.. well, the one in Dragon I taste better.. but it's slightly cheaper here and cannot really complain for the price la...

7Barley Foo Juk, Green tea honey lemon and Honey Dew Snow something something...  Well, i don recommend the honey dew thingy... should have chosen the honey dew sago instead... the shaved ice is not fine enough and it's like made with honey dew cordial, and tiny honey dew  pieces instead of honeydew balls as shown in the menu.. it does not taste like real honey dew...  haha.. basically, everything looks more tempting in the menu...

Total bill after discount was RM55.99. Will I ever go back again? yea.. maybe...

3 Went back to office, and happen that our country manager who came for meetings for the past few days decided to treat all of us in the office 2 whole Secret Recipe's cake. yea.. there are pretty a lot of us in the office so they cake have to be cut this way.. so that everyone will get a share at least.. So.. thanks boss!

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