Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy with homework(holiday plans)

Haven't got much time to post anything this week... busy planning for holidays... surveying here and there, trying to get the best deals... not sure if it's going to happen... haha..
Need to survey for:-
Koh Samui
Siem Reap
urm.. where else..... and worst come to worst.. road trip in Malaysia itself... wakakaka....
8 of us... ahh.. must be lotsa fun! can't wait for May to come!

At the same time, have to do homework for my ShenZhen-Hong Kong-Macau trip during Raya this year... a postponed trip from last year and hell i have to pay freaking extra $$ to reschedule!!! grrr... Most possibly I'll be holidaying alone... cos my sis wanna earn OT during Raya...haha.. teruk betui! Wanna bring my mom but scared that my mom cannot tahan i wanna walk around whole 9 days kau kau... the original ticket holder... long story... don't even want to talk about it.. bluergh.. menyampah... and auntie.. i paid for myself ok...! Anyways, 9 days in foreignland.. haha.. not very foreign.. but i have to brush up my cantonese! Else makan Mcdonald's everyday... Another holiday I've been waiting for so long, I'll make sure it happens! Go alone mah go alone la.. lagi shiok...

la la la la~~~

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