Sunday, March 23, 2008

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, Queensbay Mall Penang

6As I was snapping this photo, I over heard 2 girls talking in chinese, "Like this also want to take photo ar?" HELLO! my problem la I wanna take.. how? report police la.. ROARRR!! grrrr! I took this photo in a rush cos the lift arrived already.. else I would have just shoot them.. shoot their photos la I mean.. haha..

7Washroom-y concept with toilet bowls,  shower and lotsa cartoon poo poo in various colours  too! And yea.. the bill came up to nearly 70 bucks for 4 person... pretty expensive for shitty lunch.. wakaka... well.. i was warned not to expect too much.. cos reviews from some is the food is not very impressive, portions are small, and a lil bit pricey. but well.. just wanna go try for that one time... haha... it's a small outlet.. and NO RESERVATIONS allowed... although from the online flyers circulated around, a phone number was provided... but it was merely for us to call and ask if the food is good or not.. or maybe just to chit chat with the phone owner.. geez... remove the phone number away la if cannot reserve!

1Toilet bowl seats with pretty decorated covers, huge sink tables, and mini toilet bowl dish

2Drink choices are pretty limited... whatever juice in the menu are cordial drinks... the green tea, i think they just put the tea bag, hot water and then just chuck loads of ice inside.. like that also can?? then how the taste going to come out? and lemon coke... they give one glass of ice with thin slice of lemon... I don think it's make much difference if I just order coke la.. my colleague requested for more lemon, they just add one extra tinier thin slice.. well.. my colleague gave up eventually.. haha...


Chicken chop rice, I think.. cannot remember...  Rice comes with chicken with sauce and one little slice of carrot and broccoli floret.... out of nowhere got one deep fried chicken wing and tamago slice

5The only dish that will be served on the mini toilet bowl is the cheese baked looks rather dry... so so only la my colleague fare this dish... and the boxing chicken.. we saw next table ordered.. well.. smells good.. we ordered one too... the smell is better than its taste.. but still okay.. it's not bad but maybe we kinda put higher expectation from the yummy aroma we got when they served the table next to us...

3 Lemon fish and rice... pretty similar with the chicken chop rice.. just of course it comes with fish and very lemony sauce, with carrot slice, broccoli floret, gyoza and tamago slice.. and ya.. that's the deceiving looking boxing chicken again...

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