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How my life in Penang started.. Part 1 - College life

It was July 2001, at the age of 18, I enrolled in IICP (Inti International College Penang) and I have been spending most of my time here in Penang ever since... Today, I was supposed to meet 4 of my ex college/coursemates for dinner, one of them is my childhood friend... both of us decided to study together in IICP, eventually became roommates for a year and housemates for another year. It was a Adv Diploma 2 years course. My housemates majority all from SP on the first year of tenancy, second year was mixture of SP/AS/BM. Anyways, back to the dinner plan... it was canceled.. why.. well.. massive jams everywhere for some reasons.. and so called riots, blocks on the major roads and Penang bridge itself. One of then stuck in Prai and afraid of can't make it in time, one had to attend training... and the remaining 3 of us decided to call it off since it was meant to be a group gathering to catch up and chit chat.. it has been a while since the last time we all gathered together... 5 years back I guess... so, we had to reschedule to I don't know when..

So I was sitting in my room, trying got recall the times we all spent together during college... great times I had during my college years, not much worries, not much pressure and it's basically one of the best times in my life. Looking back thru old photos just makes me want to turn back time...

1They are the friends I've made during my first year of college.  First row from left is Sei Sei, Denise, Siew Ai, myself and Jenny. Second row is Pauline, Putrie, Leng Boi and Ying Yan. (Photo taken 13th August 2001 - Lecture Theatre B IICP)

Throughout my 3 years of studies, Siew Ai was my best pal in college. We were somehow very close  to each other.  Jenny was my shopping kaki and we have indeed been good pals as well. Leng Boi, my childhood friend, was also another close pal of mine, from school mate to room mates, a lot of things we did together and it was definitely good times I've had (although there was misunderstandings etc.... we'll still good friends till now :) ) Sei Sei was the hardworking one... we always wanna copy her assignments :P.. in fact, we kinda all copied each other's assignments. Denise will be the one calling me at the night before you have to submit your assignment.. haha.. her first few words would be " Ah Wen.. how.. die la die la.. how la... I haven't do my assignment..." hehe... all of us are champions when it comes to last minute assignments... Myself and Leng Boi will start our assignment 12 midnight and will not sleep until the next morning and go to class straight with our completed assignments in hand without fail... haha.. now if I don't sleep whole night, I don think I can survive to go work the next morning.. getting old I guess...

2 Our first prom night... It was in Equatorial Hotel.. (15th September 2001)


6 My best friend since kindergarten.. She have just finished her SAM in Disted and will soon leave for Australia to further her studies then... and I was on 3 months summer holidays, she invited me to join her coursemates to Genting/KL trip... we had loads of fun.. I remembered that we went to a club.. something like Club of 95 in Genting for some drink.. and clubbing too... haha.. (3rd December 2001)


SP friends studying in town area during that time, DISTED & TAR college... 8th January 025

7 SP friends a.k.a housemates & May (8th January 02)

10 9These guys are my SP friends studying in town, at Desa Mas, their place during that time...

8 Back to Desa Golf, my place during that time, housemates and also friends staying another unit.. May came to just spend time, hang out before she leave for Perth...

11 The day May leaving for Perth to further her studies... (10th Feb 2002 - Penang Airport)



14 Trip to Penang Hill for project survey and gathering of information. We were a team for this project... can't remember the subject though... 7th April 2002

15 16

17 Second prom in IICP - 21st September 2002 - Pearl Island Country Club


19 Team photos for another project.. I think it was project management... and we have indeed had great time traveling to KL together for the project. It was also the project that made me stayed up 48 hours without any sleep! but as soon as we handed everything to the lecturer, I slept for 18 hours straight. Another stunt that I cannot do now, unless I don't have to work la :P

20 25 During the first 24 hours without sleep, went for presentation, then head home to complete the whole set of assignment for the team... Siew Ai was helping me full force until we managed to complete everything and handover to the lecturer at 8pm. Thanks a lot to Siew Ai!


27 22 23

24 21 Camping trip with my housemates at Pantai Kerachut. We hiked in and it was very challenging if you don't have stamina... haha...

29 28 This was our last gathering in huge group before our course ended, went to red box for 6 hours karaoke! hehe.... and we skipped classes for this... imagine.. all guilty if charged... :P (7th April 2003)

Can't find any photos of my final year in college.. except for graduation photos.. will post that up another time... Well, life moved on after college.. during the first year joining the rat race, i met Sei Sei, Ai and Denise for a gathering a couple of times and regularly with Ai during weekends for coffee, dinner, shopping.... but after I went in Intel, we got busy with our job and meet up less after that... only online/phone chatting. Went to her birthday in 2006 and that was the last time i meet her.. gosh... time flies...... we need to reschedule our gathering pronto!

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