Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lunch time.. let's go!

I supposed that I will not go near all these for at least 2 months to come.. wahahaha... well..  gambate me! I must resist kau kau!! I must I must I must!!!!

Here's some the lunch we had to couple of weeks back.. now it's just going to be something I shall see but no touchy! :)

1Buffet Lunch at Pinang Fisherman Wharf, situated very near to our office... first time there.. RM12.00 per head... variety wise... well.. it actually looks like that 3 star hotel buffet type.. typical fried rice, friend noodles, chicken rice, vegetables, deep fried chicken, fish, squid balls, lala, etc... i think they have soup too or was it noodle soup or something.. did not check it out.. they have salad bar also... well.. cannot complain for RM12.00 la... and everyone get one stick of paddle pop ice cream too... hahaha... well... not very impressive.. but somewhere you might wanna go if you're in a rush, really hungry, not particular with food and don wanna eat zhap fan... you can go in, grab your plate and dig in.. they have ample parking space to....

They have acrobatic fish too.. swim backstroke.... or maybe the poor fish don't have enough space to turn its body back to normal position.. too packed in there... it looks like drowned fish.. well.. if only fishes can drown... hahaha.. then it's gonna be one hell of a weird fish... cause of death... drowned... : S


Steam rice next to Snake Temple....


Another place for lunch if you're in a hurry... the uncle have 3 types... chicken... as above photo, spare ribs, and urm... salted fish I think.. haha.. forgot.. go check it out yourself... it's basically cooked rice placed in a bowl and the main cooked ingredients (chicken/spare ribs/salted fish) on top with sauce and steamed...  go to to the uncle place your order... your food will arrive in less than 5 minutes... RM4 per bowl... and the rice portion is pretty big... carbo carbo carbo.. :P

Lunch at Sakae Sushi.... this shall only happen once in a while.. I don't work to eat Sakae everyday :P Well, we had Sakae Sushi last week before my 2 months sentence of diet diet and diet plan... wahaha.. basically.. well.. I still eat though.. portion trying to cut down... I have not lost any weight this week... sheesh.... but gambate!! Shall be more strict to myself next week.... Alright.. back to Sakae.. hmm.. Jo and Aaron had the teppanyaki set, chicken and beef respectively... it comes with miso soup, potato salad, stir fry sprouts + onion, the rice and of course the chicken/beef.


I had the chicken bibimba... the portion is huge, you can share else it's very hard for you to finish it.. I can't finish mine... waste food :P one thing also cos it's piping hot, have to eat it slow.. by the time you're going into the second half of the portion, you are already full up to your throat... and Yen had the chicken katsu don....


6 Other food from the kaiten belt... edamame etc... and green tea of course... :)

The next day, Irene one of the account managers treated us for lunch.. she went there previously with her friend who supply spices to this outlet. It has quite generous of choices for set lunch... 8 choices of poultry, seafood, fish, pasta(spaghetti) and curry + rice. It comes with a drink.. green tea and mushroom soup.. (not sure if they change from time to time).. RM10.80 ++ if I'm not mistaken...  The place has limited tables, and therefore, call and reserve for a space if you're planning to go there... According to Irene, the chef is from one of the top hotels in Penang who ventured out to start his own business... so Macedoine Dining was born... I seriously don't know how should I read it.. Ma-ce-doine or Mace doi-ne or Mace-doine or Ma-ce-doi-ne or Mac-e-doine?? whatever... I can go on and on.. I keep quiet now... :P


7 Clockwise from top left, deep fried seafood basket, grilled fish, chicken chop and frilled chicken... Presentation wise, not bad.. the grilled fish portion is very small though... taste wise, average.... or was it because I was not very hungry that day....


10 Went to check out the hippest toilet in Queensbay Mall... hahaha.. open air and cleaner...

Colleague, Neela's birthday... sang her a birthday song and everyone get a share of the cake... :D


More photos to come.... went to another colleague, Savunthari's wedding and went home for the weekend and mom's birthday.... Eddi's farewell dinner at ikan bakar... hmm... gimme some time..and stay tuned...... I've gotta go get my rest now.... General Election later in the morning... Aren't it supposed to be a public holiday? Sheesh... have to go work somemore :( lotsa shit to clear.... bluergh..... i hate you all.. give me so much issues and troubles!!! takde kerja lain meh?? KNN!!!!

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