Saturday, June 18, 2011

Buffet Dinner E & O Hotel, Penang

I went tofr E & O buffet dinner the day I came back from Jakarta, take note that the day before I was at a wedding dinner reception, and 2 days before I was at Shangri-La’s Satoo having buffet as well… yes, i know.. very melampau (overboard)… :P and that was like a week before CNY… freaking gained a lot of weight after that in which phew.. I’ve managed to lose them and more to lose! Anyways, I’m just enjoying life to the fullest… haha… and actually it’s because bro has got vouchers that were expiring and that was the only available date for him.


Welcome to Sarkies Corner… we actually went to weekdays dinner buffet.. although every night is themed differently, it’ actually the same spread every night on weekdays… so you can take all 4 days theme teamed up together, all the spreads are there… weekdays themed buffet dinner is at MYR78++ (per adult) if I’m not mistaken.. Weekends dine and wine is at MYR120++(per adult), more info here.

I have to say, with the available spread, it’s quite value for money, especially if you are big eaters.. small eaters aside, it’s never value for money for you to go to any buffet unless it’s really cheap, my mom for an example.. always say it’s not worth to bring her to any buffet cos she’s a small eater.. usually when we’re only having our 3 round, she’s having her coffee already… hahaha..

So off we go…..


Somehow, love the ambiance…. it has it’s own charm..



It’s a week plus before Chinese New Year… that explains the red lanterns..


Neat and nice table settings..


Food! They have oriental to western… steamed fish, meat stews and seafood…


Fried rice and noodles (typical!) braised vegetables, steamed fish again, and deep dried flower crab… simple but yummy…


Cream soup… Carrot and mandarin/orange soup (i think…) … with cream and croutons…


Oriental soup… Szechuan slightly spicy and sour soup…


Char koay teow.. Penang’s specialty.. with roasted pipa/pei pa duck… the chef at the station for the duck though… had this “you owe me” kinda face.. having his menses kot… chopping the duck and all, so scared if he will start attacking anyone or not.. after all, he has a the cleaver/knife in his hand..


more on local fares… nasi kunyit (glutinous turmeric rice) with chicken curry, beef/oxtail stew, papadoms, satays, mixed vege and mushrooms….

P1420958-1And jeng jeng jeng.. the cold and Japanese station … fresh oysters, prawns, sushi….


More fresh juicy oysters, prawns and sashimi!

P1420973-1Er… I’m not sure of these are yabbies… or something else…


Free flow of sashimi (salmon and tuna) and oyster goodness….

P1420982-1More Japs…and some smoked salmon..


Unagi, salmon and pei pa duck…


If your are a cheese lover… they have a number of cheese for your to sample too…


In fact, by dessert, I could not continue anymore.. haha… my bro and his friend are the champions..


Fresh fruits and chocolate fountain available…


Ice creams!! with lots of different toppings.. the ice cream I had seems to be normal ice cream.. but if I’m not mistaken, usually it’s Baskin… be it buffet lunch or dinner… hmm…


Spoilt with choices of bread…


It was all pretty when I arrived.. hahaha.. by the time I took this photo, it’s pretty 80% cleared!

P1430018-1 The cold station… japs, cheese, cold meat and ice kacang…


Salad bar with array of different dressings…


Full house on a Monday night…


Fruits and chocolate fountains…

P1430032-1 Outdoor seatings…

P1430043-1 P1430044-1  The entrance to Sarkies Corner…


The lobby…


Another side of the lobby…

P1430063-1 The reception…. Such a beautiful place…. they don’t call it 5 stars for nothing.. :D

Sarkies Corner
Eastern & Oriental Hotel
10 Lebuh Farquhar,
10200 Penang.
Tel : +604 222 2000 (Ext.3170 for dining reservation)
Fax : +604 261 2966
Email :

Dinner starts at 7:00pm – 10:30pm

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