Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hokkien Mee & Singapore Char Bee Hoon at Pretty Good Kopitiam, Batu Maung

Pretty good used to be filled with few stalls that was a favourite to many, namely the bee hoon (vermicelli) soup & bak kut teh (pork herbal soup) stall and the Thai rice set stall. After the stall have moved, I actually rarely go there anymore as I usually patronised the either two. It’s not as crowded as it’s used to be anymore, but they still have a fair share of regulars.

Few colleagues of mine will purposely go there for the hokkien mee (noodles).. they commented that it’s good.

P1460137-1I did not order one for myself, but I tried a little on the soup itself and it is indeed very flavourful. And it sure does look presentable too.

P1460142-1I ordered the Singapore fried bee hoon(vermicelli) the other day… the colour was not really that appealing, kind of pale, but taste wise was actually not bad.

Hawker food now ranges from MYR 3.00 to MYR6.00 depending on what you order. Other available stalls are also the wan tan noodles, economy rice, if I’m not mistaken, sort of like japanese rice set stall, and few others.

Pretty Good Kopitiam is located in a same row with Sin Hwa Lam and also UPS, at the  corner end.

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