Monday, June 20, 2011

Hickory BBQ Buffalo Wings and Baked Potatoes with Mixed Herbs

During office potluck the other day, I decided to try something new.. I had so many things in mind… I had previously made sandwiches, garden pasta salad, so I wanted to try something more challenging yet, easy.. haha… So I was at Cold Storage getting ideas.. at first I thought I wanted to try the roast whole chicken… but then again, macam malas la wanna clean chicken :P… I saw the McCormick buffalo wings seasoning… There are 3 different flavours, original, garlic and herb, and hickory bbq (the one I bought).. and all I need is chicken drummets and wings! Cold storage has got nice fresh looking drummets and wings but I did not buy them cos I do not want to keep it an extra day.

So I went to Mydin the next day to get fresh drummets… cleaned the drummets and chucked it in the bag, mix in the seasoning and leave it to marinade for half day… I started grilling the drummets late night, so at least I have fresh drummets and wings to serve the next morning.. :D


Put the wings in the aluminum pan drizzled with some olive oil, and turn it a few times so it can cook evenly. I reckon that it would cook better on baking rack, so the excess oil could drip off …


But it anyhow, did turned out quite well :D Oh yea.. rule of roasting, baking and bbq-ing meat/poultry, the moment your meat is off the heat, cover it with foil and let it rest… that way, it could still preserve the juiciness and the tenderness.


Besides that I made baked potatoes too! Bought few US potatoes and also sweet potatoes.. cut into pieces, marinated with the remaining marinate from the drummets with lots of mixed italian herbs, sprinkled with salt and pepper and off in the oven! And it turned out pretty and delicious too :P


Quite happy with the results… can make it for other potlucks next time :D

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