Sunday, June 19, 2011

Station One, Queensbay Mall, Penang.

This is my first time to Station One although it has been opened for quite some time in QBM, perhaps it was due to not so good comments I’ve heard.

Anyways, was there with a friend and we thought we would just want to try something new than the regulars we always have during visits to QBM for dinner. So we walked passed Station One and he suggested there, so I thought okay.. why not.. since I’ve never tried it also..

The environment wise is just okay.. there are indoors and outdoors, al fresco style.. Anyways, the staffs ahnded us the menu and wow.. the photos looks great.. like so hebat like that… after flipping the menu several times, we placed our order… service was just okay… not many customers yet at that time.. so it’s not that slow..


For drinks, we ordered Yestea @ MYR5.50.. since it’s stated there must try…


Came in a huge jug-like glasses… tasted just like Pokka’s jasmine green tea… being shaken vigorously to create the foam…


So my friend ordered this  special salad fish fillet rice @ MYR 13.90.. the fish fillet look so big hor? the photographer must have done a great job.


His ordered arrived.. looking a bit boring and pale.. but he didn’t complain much about it la.. tasted “ok lo…” he said…


For myself, after considering 2 meals, I decided on this one.. Sensasi Chicken Fried Rice @ MYR14.50. One of the reason is it looks prettier than the kung po chicken… the chicken looks yummy and portion looks not bad hor? Again, kudos to the photographer… One thing with me, if I’m not familiar or new to an eatery, I may order something from the menu, be it with photos or not, if it arrives looking nice and a wrong order, I will eat it anyhow, cos I’m very forgetful. Sometimes after ordering, I cannot recall how my food should look like.


Then mine arrived and I was like… “ha mik lai?”(what is this?) Cos as forgetful as I am, I don’t recall seeing anything like this in the menu. The I checked with the staff what is this fearing that it could be a wrong order…then he came back and said, it’s SHOULD BE “la la la” ok.. the la la part I could not hear him clearly and I also freaking forgot what was the name of my order…

P1470550-1Anyways, I concluded that it’s the correct order cos it’s the only one with this kind of sauce after referring back to the menu.. but then my fried chicken meat actually went to hell ( it’s burnt), escaped and came back… it’s like near to charred, the chicken meat became a bit dry, it does not taste like fresh chicken meat and the portion was definitely not as illustrated. So deceiving lo the menu… the fried rice though was okay but the chicken meat itself and the presentation did not meet my expectation.. it was no where near the menu. Next time I rather walk to the opposite and eat KFC instead…


We ordered Chicken Cheese Pizza too @ MYR18.50

P1470561-1Frankly speaking, I rather go have Dominos, US Pizza or even Pizza hut’s pizza. This is more of like frozen pizza you can get at major supermarkets, chuck in the oven at home on some lazy day. Frozen pizza ingredients are for sure is not fresh and the pizza base itself.. aih.. another disappointment…

Overall, I just felt that this place.. beh khi lo.. (cannot go).. food with this quality, I have to consider it as over priced… With so many outlets across Malaysia.. I believe that the quality of the food should be monitored…

Station One
Queensbay Mall
GF-122 & 121 & GFNZ-CA1 ,
100, Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Pulau Pinang.
Website here

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