Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Baked Some Chocolate Lava Cakes!

Was a bit upset over something and decided to bake some lava cakes to cheer myself up, although it’s already midnight! I took the recipe over from you tube, by showmethecurry, and it’s actually a very fast recipe.. but they used Ghirardelli chocolates, I only get to eat those when my sis came back from San Francisco few years back! So, I mixed both Cadbury and Hershey's dark chocolate :P


They use the porcelain ramekins though, i don have any, so I used the jelly/pudding mould instead..


Served with vanilla ice cream and a strawberry! Some serve with raspberry in which i don have any in my fridge now… so strawberry pun jadi la…

P1470689-1 Not much lava though… I was expecting like volcano eruption with chocolate oozing out… cis.. disappointed… but never mind.. will try again another batch! Cos the recipe can make 4 lava cakes.. I only have 2 moulds.. so I experimented only 2 so far.. still have some batter left for another 2.. i hope it’s okay to leave it there for a while… Taste wise actually not bad… soft gooey inside, a moist outside and the bottom is a little chewy  and slightly crunchy…

**Updates on second batch

P1470736-1 My second batch looks better… haha.. this time I took the effort to dust icing sugar on top!

P1470744-1 And this time has got better oozing lava effect! yay!!

P1470748-1 Chocolate goodness, so sinful yet so yummy!

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