Saturday, June 4, 2011

Asam Laksa & O Gio (Aiyu Jelly), Weld Quay-Gat Lebuh Acheh

If you drive past Weld Quay all the time, these stalls will be very familiar to you. One of it is the asam laksa stall and another one selling cool refreshing desserts like “o gio”, ice kacang, cendol, and also pandan leave drinks. There’s other stalls available but I have not tried them yet.

P1450737-1 Uncle is a little grumpy sometimes.. haha.. but the laksa is not bad at all.. he will ask you if you want chili padi or not, and you need to answer him immediately.. else he will say, need to think means no need la.. haha.. P1450743-1

Laksa is at MYR 3.00 per bowl for big ones. This one I take away, that is why the presentation a bit buruk la… LOL :P


Overall, laksa is good. The soup has got enough flavour, taste just nice…

P1350884-1  And here comes your best friend on hot sunny day… a bowl of “o gio”. My previous blog about it here.

P1350888-1 What’s inside is o gio, the jelly made of figs, canned lychee (one only) and lemon wedge, topped with shaved ice and some sugar syrup. Very refreshing, great as thirst quencher too.

P1350890-1  Price list… am not sure about cherry, but most will know chendul(cendol), kacang(ice kacang), aigaik (o gio) and cheicao (pandan/screwpine leaves)

P1350892-1  Business is always brisk! some will enjoy it there under the shed with food from the stalls, some will have a quick stop, eat and go in front of the stal and some will take away.

P1350894-1 It’s located along the street of Weld Quay, right at the end corner of Gat Lebuh Acheh.

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