Saturday, December 27, 2008

Aiyu Jelly also known as ò-giô, near jetty

I've finally got to taste the Aiyu jelly near the jetty, more known to Penangites as ò-giô. I've eaten before in SP, i remember that my bro loves to buy it from glutton square a.k.a 2nd road. not sure if it's the same one... tasted also a more commercialised one in Midvalley..

Always packed with customers.... and it's along the road near the Penang ferry jetty... it has got laksa stall, cuttle fish kangkung, yam kuih, chee cheong fan and sorts as well... But most customers main reason going there is because of the ò-giô.

Something yummy when the weather is unbearably hot... it has got the aiyu jelly, with canned lychee in syrup, lemon slice n juice, topped with shaved ice... sweet citrus-sy icy cold with soft jelly.... heavenly~
p/s: must slowly savour it else you gonna experience brain freeze... ouch~

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