Thursday, December 11, 2008

2008-1011 Outing with ex colleagues @ Hongkie recipe, Jusco Bdr Perda & Tennis today

Another outing with my ex colleagues from my first job :) HSBC, this year we manage to meet up more often than last year.. an achievement... since all of us have parted ways and busy with out lives and work... hahaha... But this outing is of course with an extra reason.... jeng jeng jeng... Melynda have finally distributing her red bomb! Her wedding invitation card!

Reception is on Christmas day and tea ceremony on the 28th, and she gladly requested us to be her ji mui-s. :D so extra stress there already.. haha.. want to become ju mui must then lose that extra kilos... sigh.. and it's like 2 weeks before the reception and the ceremony.... uh oh.. and i have not found a suitable dress and shoes!!! pressure ni...

Anyways, out outing this time is at Jusco Bandar Perda... my first time there... pretty huge place... bt din manage to explore.. cos went there for dinner (at Hongkie Recipe) and chit chatting session, then head for some drink at Autocity.... and of course... on top of all that, sure ot take photos la.. haha.. now i'm feeling that my blog is so full of food... gonna have to balance it up.. if only i can manage to post everything up including my Hong Kong Shenzhen Macau trip... which now i recall, my BKK trip photos and journal is also not posted.... i wonder if i can still remember everything :(

Photos all the way from the outing :D

It's near to Deepavali that time, so they have this little "kolam" nicely done.... and that's the restaurant we went for dinner, Hongkie Recipe

While waiting for another member to arrive, we ordered food, since she's not eating, and of course must have photo session.... as a memory and so we get to see if we have changed from the last outing :D

Selin arrived just right after we finished our meal.. with some leftovers :D And so happen, we're celebrating Bobo's birthday in advanced too :D bought her a small cake for the little celebration :D then Melynda proceeded to "attack" us with her bomb.. hahaha.... it's good to see that we remain so close even after we left HSBC.... we started work in September 2004 and have been close girl pals since.... 4 years and we still make the effort to meet each other to catch up once in a while :) i am like their little sister :) hehehe...

They serve pretty huge selections of food and they all come in big portion.... which is not bad.. pretty affordable but not cheap per se...

We ordered Fu Yong Egg rice set, some platter i can't remember the name and fried seafood udon.... with drinks each.. bill came i think around 80 bucks.... can't remember exact price...

Bobo said that the restaurant next door, i think it's korean, or was it somehting else.. hahaha... i only remember she mentioned it's not bad.. so we can go try that other time.. looking for the next outing.. pretty soon... anytime now within this 2 weeks.... then after that another gathering during Melynda's wedding... can't wait!! more updates to come... :D

I went tennis with the boys (colleagues from work.. Sean, Justin, Adrian, Teddy and Eric) today and since i have not played for so so long already.... i'm having the feeling that I will have difficulties waking up tomorrow.. :S haha.. Sean have totally given up on tennis (first and last for him)... Adrian is so near to, but still giving tennis and himself 3 months... haha.. others i think still ok... and it's like we pickup balls more than we play this round.. wakakaka... need to practice more often... losing momentum... forgot to take photos just now... too excited playing... wakaka.... after tennis go makan banana leaves rice somemore.. susah payah burn calories.. after that go pile up somemore... hahaha... anyways, gotta go pass out now... ZZzzZZzz

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