Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Lunch & Gift Exchange @ Mizi Bistro, New World Park

It was initially a dinner plan with gift exchange among us but unable to find a suitable time for everyone, we took the half day chance to just go have lunch instead and the choice was Mizi Bistro at New World Park. Many will know this place for their famous yummy mushroom soup. Managed to book a table for 6 and good to know that they sticked with their normal set menu, rather than others that may take advantage especially these times of the year eg: Christmas Eve/New Year's eve to have a standardize blood sucking, throat cutting menu that cost you a bomb per pax.

The interior of Mizi Bistro

First gruop photo of the day..

They have ala carte items served as well like steak and lamb. Set was inclusive to soup of any 4 choices from the menu, a piece of wholemeal bread (healthy~haha) with butter, mains are from the poultry, fish and pasta selections (choices are pretty wide), a drink and free flow of ice cream, with that cost MYR 19.90++ per head. So it's worth every penny of it :) and everyone is happy with their own meal :)

Our mains, can't remember their names though... but you can get reccommendations when placing your orders..

After meal, that's when the gift exchange starts... and to determine the first to get and open their pressies, have to play paper scissors rock game :)

Mei Hee was the first to open, her gift was a shawl, chilli read... suitable for chinese new year... followed by Mooi Khim... I got her "shirts" for her car seats that are matching with her throw pillows cos she say she wanna decorate her car :D glad that she's happy with the gift..

Yen got lotions from faceshop and Si Mun got Banana flavour mascara from Mooi Khim... ooohhh~ wakakaka

I've got myself a pretty clutch from Branda Ding and she got a photo frame from Mei Hee. The word "Xin" (Heart) was handmade by Mei Hee. Nice eh~..

Group photos again before and after we reqeust and paid the bill :) Must take more photos so can find the nicest photo for Branda's new frame :D

Hanging around with again, lotsa photos....
With that one particular little Christmas tree... haha...
Christmas is over...looking forward for the next year's already....

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