Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chicken Rice Shop @ Queensbay Mall

It was pretty tensed and stressed for everyone in the office that day... 18th Nov 2008... che wah.. sounds like so serious... wakakaka... it's just that everyone was pretty loaded with work, short of manpower and my manager sent out an email for lunch out for everyone that day... just to get off work for a while and just enjoy the lunch.... :)

So, we went to the chicken rice shop! that was my second visit. first visit was also with boss and some guys from IT.

Food is actually not bad.. but well.. i supposed it was because the ajinomoto content is really high. You'll get really thirsty after meal from there. Nonetheless, the selections are pretty okay.. 3 different types of chicken, roasted, steamed and braised. I prefer the braised most. The braised one are really tender and smooth. They offer fishball soups, vege like kailans, gado gado, mango kerabu, tofu, bean sprouts, pie tee and some chicken curry kapitan style, something like that. That's what we had and it was in a set.. The first time we came and they advised that they don offer the use of credit card.. so weird and why are u hanging the mastercard sign there? second time, not sure if the already sorted out the credit card usage.

As usual, photos sure ada..... :D

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