Monday, December 22, 2008

Gift Exchange and Christmas Lunch 2008

We had gift exchange in the office today and christmas lunch courtesy or IDM, Alex Lee and goodies, cakes and drinks courtesy of Kalaa Devi and not forgetting, the yummy Christmas cake from RCM, Irene! Many still showed up even though they are already on their annual leave... which is a good thing, else it's gonna be boring and so quiet... the occasion was definitely merrier..., thanks to all of them :)

Anyways, this year we had Rosy's or was it Rosie's? Anything la... we had Rosy's yummy catering for Christmas lunch... just that we would have to go collect from her place and send the dishes, containers back to her once it's all done... hm... last year we had the same if I'm not mistaken... haha.. same with the raya celebration we had... urm.. speaking of the raya celebration.. i think i have not posted anything about it yet.. oops... so it's gonna be the outdated one... prolly gonna post it up in these few days... prolly... we'll see :D

Our yummy dish.. look at it and salivate :P

We have got chocolates too! and yummy cakes!

Also the Christmas cake! cutely decorated... with snowman, santa on a bicycle, mistletoes and that's Irene trying her kungfu to blow the candle :D

Same tree, diff pressies!

While some is busy with lunch, we busy take photos first ler :P

Gift exchange begins! Havoc!

Why are the boys laughing so hard? In fact everyone was laughing hard.... :P I wonder who gave the boss a MP5.... and.. haha... he looks happy to get it :D He's gonna put it in his office room and maybe he'll bring it along when he do his reviews with his boys.. and 1 girl :D *just kidding*

Pressie for this year.... my boss had a lucky dip, and whoever that get's a smiley face, will get the 2009 organizer :D hahaha... and i got myself one yay! And that's my gift from Mei Hee and someone who prefer to remain anonymous... thanks all and have a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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