Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hectic December

Looking at the schedule for tomorrow onwards, gosh, it's pretty much all filled and occupied with activities till beginning of Jan. Let me see... hmm..

20th Dec - Saturday
Short training at work in the morning, meeting ex colleagues for lunch at QBM to catch up, and maybe discuss about Melynda's wedding, and I also need to get pressies for gift exchange at work too. Not sure if i have enough time to drive down poslaju at Victoria St to collect my 2 weeks old package after that... i hope they have not returned it to sender yet... If lunch session does not continue to dinner, I'm considering a visit to the the hair saloon, or maybe for facial/ have not done any appointment yet... haha.. might be full also... we'll see... packed schedule for tomorrow.... urm.. today.... urm.. okay.... after i wake up later....

21st Dec - Sunday
A friend booked me for the day to go kepo (busybody) with her new place. Might need to accompany her to get some stuffs and pay a visit to the new Pacific Komtar in the late afternoon or evening. After that, back home and dread bout Monday... back to work.... am already on a holiday mood.... joy to the world..... the lord has come.... let earth receive her king~

22nd Dec - Monday
Back to work, gift exchange and lunch in at work courtesy of IDM. Then work work work.... farewell dinner for Zamani, eat again.... so basically, Monday is all about work, eating and accumulating fats.... uh oh...

23rd Dec - Tuesday
Not sure if Queensbay day is still on... if yes, will go but have to leave at 9:30 to make grand entrance to Bailey's... haha... why? cos the date is at 9:00 but I'm giving QBM day a 30 minutes allowance... If QBM day is off, then i can go home, take a nice shower, and head to Bailey's on time to meet the boys, and a girl... haha.. my ex housemates when i was in college... Received a sms from LB the other day and she wrote there, let's make sure everyone is there cos it has been a while since out last meet up... can't remember when... short term memory lost attacked again...

24th Dec - Wednesday
Half day at work.. shiok... will be listening to Christmas songs then :) The off to lunch dates with the ladies at work... we have our own gift exchange among the 6 of us too! So since we don really get to lunch far from office during normal days, we're going slightly further down town, to Mizi Bistro @ New World park for our lunch... then not sure bout Christmas eve night activities at the moment... leaving this slot blank first.... :D

25th Dec - Thursday
It's Christmas and I'm going to roll in bed and humming Christmas songs until... urm....lunch.... gotta get my sleep and enough rest on a public holiday :D Then prepare myself for Melynda's wedding dinner! I have not decide which dress to wear now.... and i don even have one :P gotta search thru my wardrobe, else gotta go shop for one~

26th Dec - Friday
It's boxing day but still gotta carry my big lazy ass to office :( Then have to leave at 5:30pm sharp, if i can... wakakaka... head home for a quick shower and off to Ms Ding's house warming... am suppose to help her with some food item but since she have change the date to this date, so it's a little bit hard now.. unless i do all that in the office, which is... of course impossible... wakakaka..

27th Dec - Saturday
My turn to go work.. aiseh... 1/2 day work and urm.... I can't remember if i have any activity for this date... wakakaka... okay... so this slot is still empty at the moment....i guess.... of if by then i still have not got my dress for Melynda's tea ceremony the next day, 28th Dec, this would be my last chance!! Not sure if I would have to go over Melynda's to help up or not.... gotta check on this when we meet up later...

28th Dec - Sunday
Gotta wake up early... not sure about the arrangement yet though... it's Melynda's wedding... tea ceremony... she requested us to be her "ji mui" (so-called brides maid)... it's not going to be huge.. just a small ceremony i believe... but we're gonna be there for her at tea ceremony here only.. we'll then hug bye bye when she heads off to Klang for tea ceremony and dinner for the hubby's side that very same day. We'll definitely meet up again when she come's back... then off back home to... hahaha... what else... sleep and evening slot is still empty at this point of time :D

29th Dec - Monday
Booked for lunch, but not confirmed. Awaiting for next updates :D and oh ya.. it's a public holiday! customer is working... but sorry, no support ya.... :D

30th Dec - Tuesday
Urm.... back to work and i think no further activities yet... have to go back office and check my calendar :D

31st Dec - Wednesday
hahahahaha... Last working day of the year..... and on half day too!! woo hoo... shiok.... i'm singing Auld Lang Syne already~! *chuckles!* Not sure about new year's eve activities yet.. but i'm sure it's gonna be jam packed unless i go out early for dinner at my selected destination for that night. Gotta "jom" my carpark if I'm driving... gotta finalise that soon :) else I'll be singing auld lang sync in front of my tv or my pc with my little Codie boy... :D

1st Jan 2009 - Thursday
another public holiday.. so suka... hm.. not sure if Goh is available for a lunch date :D cos i remembered i had new year lunch with Goh after our clubbing session the night before... else... gonna stay home n.. haha... update blog, laze around, watch tv... urm.. sleep~ hehe... gotta plan that out... oh ya... time to review my 2008 resolution and make a new one!

2nd Jan 2009 - Friday
back to work.... thinking of taking half day off or time off to get off work earlier... another friend of mine have just send me and invitation... to her wedding... and it's in SP... typical Friday jam tells me I just gotta leave early.. else, by the time i reach SP, the dinner is over and she's gonna give me her black face... hahaha... nah.. she's a very nice person... Congratulations to Cassmen for your wedding... your wedding pics are just so pretty! Then maybe I'll head home after dinner to show face to my papa and mama... sudah lama tak balik.... papa complaining already :P, then play with rover and run around my house few rounds.. wakakaka... ok.. i'm kidding about running around the house... then head back to PG late night...

3rd Jan 2009 - Saturday
Sis has got dinner in KL, she wanted to go ikea... So i might tag along... pack for one night and head down KL early morning, then she would have to throw me somewhere I can spend my day at.. i don't wan to stay at cousin's place while she go for church wedding and wedding dinner... so stupid right.. then i go kl buat apa like this... :P we'll see who i can kacau for a meet up that day...

4th Jan 2009 - Sunday
Go Ikea shop for some stuffs, and balik Pg again... sure tired gila... alamak... who's gonna jaga my Codie ar.. shiet... forgot about him... er.. ok.. will check with my bro :D else, when i go back for wedding dinner on the 2nd, will bring him back and and ask mom's favour to doggie-sit sama dia...

5th Jan 2009 - Monday
Aiyer.. typical.. balik kerja d.... then by then have to start busy with CNY preparations! 3 weeks to CNY by then... must make sure clothes all ada, food and goodies all prepared, cookies... urm... haha... let my sis do :P I'll just help out... muka malas (lazy face) come out already.. unless i get an oven for PG home... then i can bake cookies after work... let's just hope my mixer here is still working... haha...

Forseeing busy schedule until urm... after annual dinner... well.. if it's confirmed... 14th Feb 2009! Annual dinner on Valentine's day.... really married to the company d... :S

Now, reading my schedule made me feel tired already... I've gotta hit the sack... else cannot wake up for training tomorrow, they gonna threaten me that that it's gonna hurt my KPI for this year :( typical........

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