Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zamani's Farewell Dinner @ Nurul's Ikan Bakar

I'm supposed to post the 3 previous farewell for this quarter but.. haha... let me just do it backwards la... from Zamani who's pursuing a new career path at his hometown KL, to Chin Chin who went to sister company, Savun who went to competitor and Josephine who got herself transferred to regional... so in total, 4 farewells in a quarter!! I hope that this is the last one... but forseeing a couple of farewells coming soon but good thing, should not be from my department.

Anyways, we organised a farewell dinner for Zamani last night, since his last day is today. Our choice was the ikan bakar near the marine quarters. Pretty nice place, spacious and lotsa tables and place to dine. there are few diff ikan bakar restaurants around, Suraya recommended Nurul's. they have these huts where patrons get to sit "kampung style" on the wooden floor with short table in the middle... haha.. pictures below for clearer view, in case you don understand what am I trying to explain.

There we 13 of us all CSE's as it was a little bit last minute plan so some could not make it..
Food was okay, we had 2 types of fish, a vege, deep fried squid, onion omelette and seafood tom yam. Pretty much something like what we had for Eddi's farewell.

Nice ambiance and fresh fishes to choose from...

Food served: deep fried squid, 3 flavour fish, grilled fish and kailan stir fry with salted fish.

Onion omelette, seafood tomyam and mangsa durjana.... (the fishes.. i mean... )

Zamani, with his speech, best of luck with your new career!!

take 1: Us in front of the restaurant

take 2: Us in front of the restaurant

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