Monday, June 29, 2009

Missing in action

Sorry I’ve gone MIA for more than a week… have been really busy and hectic with work…  new challenge, tiring but coping…. hopefully life will balance up back soon… else, no time to blog d.. wuwuwuwu…. i have so many things pending now… gosh.. my head is spinning!!!!! faint~!

I’ll be back…soon… promise!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day!!

Happy Father’s Day to all daddies, that includes best daddy in the world… (to me.. my papa of course :D)… Happy Father’s Day Pa with lotsa love!

father's day blog


Friday, June 19, 2009

Air Itam Dam, Penang

Few photos to share during my jog/walk/hike trip last weekend…. I've just noticed there were no photos on the torturous journey up the steep road up which we wrongly took.. I must have been focusing to much on reaching the destination as the whole route if up up and away.. there’s no straight road!! My brain must have been out of oxygen I could not think nor even try to enjoy photo taking that moment…


The gate that tricked us to hike up the hill!! From the other side, you might not see that there a little entrance to pass thru.. haiyo.. so buta (blind) and stupid of us… haha…so from the left we actually walked straight up instead of turning right to this gate…. out bad also that we din walked nearer to the gate to check it out.. and hey, we followed the mountain bikers!! and the jeep!! lesson learnt! don't always just blindly follow people... they might bring you to "Holland" instead... photos ahead…

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Dim Sum Breakfast @ Red Tea House - Farlim, Penang

Hmm.. yes yes… another scrumptious dim sum breakfast post. I was out jogging with a friend at Air Itam Dam, which we took the wrong route and it kinda became a partly hiking trip.

It was my first time there and I wasn’t familiar with the route and my friend as well haven’t been there for a long time… we ended up hiked up a long torturous  journey halfway up the steep road to the Tua Pek Kong’s, until I asked a a couple of resting mountain bikers, “jauh lagi ke?” (Is it still far away?) One of them asked me where am I going? I said, isn’t this the route around the dam? Well, I then found out that the route we used, would be the same road down and there’s no other road connection to like another side… aiseh… so we walked back down the steep road and then took the correct turning to the dam area and was already too tired to make another round, so we decided to go for breakfast… haha.. so much for the calories burned, we ended up piling them up again…

Red Tea House Restaurant is located right opposite the old Sunshine Farlim, now more like the wholesale Sunshine Farlim store. It’s among the one row of shop houses, a corner lot next to Sen Heng. Along Sen Heng outlet, they have like roofing extension out for them to lay their tables and chairs to cater seats for their sea of customers. We were there pretty late.. it was near to 11:00am when we reached and the place was still pretty packed with customers. Found an empty table and settled for a pot of Pu Er tea and the next thing I thing, the table was full with different types of yummy dim sums. The have extensive of dim sum selections, steamed and deep fried (savoury and sweet ones), chee cheong fun, bao-s (steamed buns with various fillings), porridge, shark fin’s soup, steamed chicken, and many many more…. And all of them are very tempting…



Our Pu Er tea…


Staffs with big round trays containing lotsa different dim sums, from tables to tables, and off to refill from the steaming station and back to tables to serve the customers…

3 The har mai (prawn & meat dumplings), their dim sum has 4 pieces per serving. This one is slightly bigger than the regular siew mai topped with really fresh prawns…. juicy, tender and good…

4 I don’t know what is this called but it’s a dumpling with fresh succulent prawns and half scallop.. also good but the skin is slightly thicker… but the freshness of the prawns win it all…

5 There.. the scallop piece….

6 And yes.. another prawn dumplings… the prawns are really fresh… seriously… each and every bite.. yum… this is also prawn dumplings with coriander leaves (chinese parsley), my friend could don really like it because of the coriander leaves… i told her it’s a nice fragrant, she gave me the “eeeyuck face”… haha… i used to be like that too.. don’t fancy the smell and the taste but somehow grew to enjoy eating them…

7 Siew Mai was regular…and it came in 3 pieces… they even have other siew mai-s with different skin colour like reddish orange and purple!

8 Har kow was good too, thanks to again, the fresh yummy juicy prawns…

9The prawn roll with mayo was good, prawns portion are generous, and fresh ( I can’t recall how many times I’ve emphasize on the freshness of the prawns served in each and ever dim sum I managed to savour), it would be better if the skin of the roll is not too thick…. as in like rolled with extra layers…. It’s however one of the nicest I’ve tasted..

10 The pai kut ong (spare ribs) was okay… not too oily… just nice….

11 Fish balls…. not my fav… well, it’s not that it’s not nice, but I personally don’t take fish balls for dim sum :)

12 We ordered 9 plates, pai kut ong missing in this photo…. :D


Look the the yummy dim sums.. :D The bill came up to around MYR 28.90… for a pot of tea and 9 plates of dim sum….


Time to clean up, closing time soon, at 12:00 noon.


Business starts and 6:00am and I heard business is doing really well… I have no doubt about it… with huge selections and fresh dim sums… I’ll go back for more myself :D

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bangkok Tomyam, Bayan Lepas (Revisited)

Was there with 3 colleagues of mine for lunch and we decided to order dishes with white rice this round instead of the fried rice/noodles we usually order individually. So we settled for telur bawang goreng (fried onion omelet), mango kerabu, ayam padprik/paprik and prawn tomyam. We actually ordered stir fry kailan with salted fish but the person who took our order did not hear us clearly i guess.


So the guy walked off and in like less than 3 minutes, suddenly another lady came and start serving the dishes to us… rice, omelet, stir fry kailan and the prawn tomyam, which of course left us in awe cause the guy just took our order like less than 5 minutes ago…. i took the photos anyway… muahahaa… it’s was quite similar to what we have ordered… cause we do not know if their onion omelet actually looks like wrapped omelet (telur bungkus). My colleague also pointed out that there’s a table near to us that was there earlier but they have not gotten their food… well, of course we get them to confirm again if it’s our order cos the tom yam we ordered is actually the medium one instead of the small one.. well.. turns out it’s the other table’s order. hahaha… we thought that their service is really really fast!


Our order came minutes later and they were courteous enough to change the rice that was served to us earlier… (they did not take the rice served to us earlier with the dishes to the other table, instead got them new plates of hot rice) So they changed ours as well… instead of “make dunno” like some others would do.. So here’s the onion omelet.. simple and nice… MYR3.00


The mango kerabu/salad - MYR6.00…. which was also good… refreshing…


The ayam padprik/paprik - MYR7.00, something like ayam masak kicap… the gravy is nice.. goes really well with the hot white rice… yum!


The sambal belacan… which is also.. good and hot!


And the prawn tomyam - MYR10.00… with 8 medium prawns, soup was good but a little bit salty, compared to the one i had earlier which was sweeter… but overall it’s good…


The meal cost us MYR33.90, inclusive of white rice, MYR1.00 per pax and drinks alsoMYR1.00 for each sirap limau. Which is not bad… affordable… but we still have the flies issue though…. they only appear when the food is served… sigh… but we have no complains so far, and will still return for their yummy food!

Bangkok Tomyam

3132, Jalan Makahmah, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Contact ☎ 016-476 0129 / 012-4259227

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Another piece of thoughtful forwarded mail from a good friend… Well, I do not read Chinese… but I sure did get google translate and Chinese translation to pinyin to help! (Although sometimes the translation did come out a little bit weird, so I only put out the translations of the few I could understand). Am loving the illustrations too… It is a meaningful read on how life is and living everyday being positive possible and bravely brace any obstacles as part and parcels in life to achieve the best in everything… and always be happy!


It says, remember the thing we should remember, forget the things we should forget, change whatever you can change, ACCEPT the ones that cannot be changed








5、世上的姑娘总以为自己是骄傲的公主 (除了少数极丑和少数极聪明的姑娘例外)



If the enemy makes you angry, that show that you can not win his grasp



If the friends makes you angry, it means you are still concerned about this friendship



There are things we can not control themselves, they control on their own





Perhaps some people are very hateful, some people are despicable. And when I look into it, I realize he/she is more pitiful than I am.. So, please forgive all the people you have seen, good or bad











Men before marriage thinks that girls that are suitable for them are little, but after marriage only think that there are a lot more suitable girls for them… what the~!