Friday, June 19, 2009

Air Itam Dam, Penang

Few photos to share during my jog/walk/hike trip last weekend…. I've just noticed there were no photos on the torturous journey up the steep road up which we wrongly took.. I must have been focusing to much on reaching the destination as the whole route if up up and away.. there’s no straight road!! My brain must have been out of oxygen I could not think nor even try to enjoy photo taking that moment…


The gate that tricked us to hike up the hill!! From the other side, you might not see that there a little entrance to pass thru.. haiyo.. so buta (blind) and stupid of us… haha…so from the left we actually walked straight up instead of turning right to this gate…. out bad also that we din walked nearer to the gate to check it out.. and hey, we followed the mountain bikers!! and the jeep!! lesson learnt! don't always just blindly follow people... they might bring you to "Holland" instead... photos ahead…

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