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Khuntai Restaurant, Permatang Tengah, Butterworth

I never knew about this place until my friend, Hu Nee recommended to us. We were all on our way back from KL from Aileen’s wedding and she suggested we have dinner here since we’re all heading back SP, instead of me going back straight to Penang. She strongly recommend this place and said she’s already salivating just to think of the food there! haha..

We left KL around 3pm plus and the weather was still hot as ever, what worse is the girls all fell asleep the moment I entered the highway… hahaha… I had no choice but to turn the radio on and sped urm.. quite fast :P can’t help… was a little bit sleepy too, looking at them sleeping!

Had to stop Tapah for toilet break and got myself an iced latte… the girls woke up and haha.. feeling guilty leaving me driving alone… so we started to chat about.. haha.. many things… this is what happen when you put a group of girls together… and 2 of female species is enough to talk about anything under the sun! :P

So we arrived Khuntai around slightly after 6pm.. and I thought it was still early until I entered the car park… there were carsss.. many of them.. already parked there… Khuntai have been here for a long time, since 1994 (it says in their website). Ada website lagi, don’t play play! I think it’s more famous among the mainlanders.. Visit the site for more information.. you will see few spelling errors, but it’s nothing when you start to taste and have the dining experience there.. Good food is what we’re looking for.. not tuition classes… :P And they offer a whole long stretch of dishes…



This place is hugeeee…


It has this seating inside the restaurant with round tables and rattan chairs…. (look at the number of patrons.. and it’s only 6 plus that time… and they’re done with dinner already)


Or the rattan seatings outside…open air…..


Or under the hut seatings…..


Fresh vegetables in a boat with ice cubes below…. really fresh!


The fresh vegetable and garnishing station….


Nice pair of.. urm… swans?


Fresh seafood in tanks…. besides the normal seafood options, they are also offering seafood like lobsters, geoduck (pronounced as "gooey duck"), spider crabs… everything is fresh!


We ordered a jug of “umbla” with sour plum juice @ MYR14. the service is really fast… when we arrived, the place was like 80 to 90% full with patrons already… we managed to find an empty under the hut… placed our order, the drinks came in like 5 minutes and another 5 to 10 minutes later, all the dishes are already served on our tables… impressively fast despite the numbers of patrons!


Rice served in a rice bowl, MYR1.00 per head/portion, so there were 4 of us.. MYR 4.00 for white rice…


Fresh vegetables, eaten raw by dipping into the yummy sambal belacan… There were cucumbers, 4 angled/winged bean (kacang botol) and long beans… MYR6.00


Fried rice with spicy sauce… also known as “Keng Som”.. We opt for the barramundi (siakap) MYR32.00. It is fried fish with spicy sauce/soup pour over and served above still burning charcoal to keep the gravy simmering…


The longer the soup simmers, the spicier the soup gets… The gravy/soup/sauce is cooked with vegetables…. and it’s really sour-ish nice but really spicy… until mouth also cannot close, eyes also watery and nose runny … imagine!!


They also give an entre bowl of the gravy as it will slightly dry off while it simmers too… and despite the spiciness, you still can’t help and would not stop slurping and gulping down the soup…


Steamed fresh lala with lime juice and garlic+chili , MYR12…. also another nice dish… the sweetness combines with the sour-ish lime juice gives you this tangy yummy flavour that tickles your taste buds… There is another version of this dish which they called it the “Superstar”. It’s combination of several fresh live seafood like the lobsters, crabs, mantis prawns, huge prawns, squids, lala also steamed with the same gravy.. so imagine how sweet it will taste… mmmmm… but of course, you pay a superstar price for the superstar dish la… haha…


Nameless Chicken.. MYR 9.00. No kidding.. the name is really nameless chicken…. there are other fried chicken too but Hu Nee said this is nicer… The chicken is chopped into small pieced and deep fried… of course marinated and dipped into their own special recipe la.. and it’s good… the aroma and the taste.. simply delicious :D


Stir fry kailan/ka na with oyster sauce, MYR 6.00.. simple dish yet yummy too…


5 dishes for 4 person, cost us MYR 83. Pretty affordable. Looking forward to try more…



While walking to my car exiting the restaurant, we could smell yummy barbeque-d crabs… maybe next round.. *salivating~

Khuntai Restaurant

The address on the menu and the website states..
104, Permatang Tengah,13400 B'worth
But on the receipt, it states..
MK-9-914 Jalan Permatang Tengah, 13000 Butterworth (Not sure which is the correct one, but can call and ask for directions la.. hehe)
Contact ☎ 604-332 7523 / 012-4313537

Oh ya… they also have a branch in PJ.

6, Jln 5/44, Petaling Garden, off Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya Selangor.
Contact ☎ 603-7781 7523

Business Hours: Butterworth: 11am-12Midnight / Petaling Jaya: 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm

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