Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vietnam Kitchen, 1 Utama

Was in KL last month to attend a good friend, Aileen’s wedding… so decided to drive down to with another 2 childhood friends of mine, Goh and LB. With no idea of directions what so ever, equipped with only a GPS Sean kindly borrowed to me, we’re off to go for another adventure!
Was there last year around the same time but bigger crowd, with all my babes.. but at least we have a guide.

Took a day off left Penang to fetch LB in Autocity. Initially wanted to go in the morning.. but haha.. typical us… will somehow delay punya… had lunch in Autocity and left slightly after 1pm. The drive was smooth.. not much cars… but the weather was cruel… scorching hot~!! 

Stopped by Tapah for some drinks and to answer nature’s call… and set 1 Utama as the destination on the GPS in advanced since we did not have any plans making any stop until destination already…

Safely reached 1 Utama around 4:30pm and do what we’re best at… SHOPPING!!! Then our tummy started to growl, indicating that we should stop and go for dinner instead… could not really decide and not very familiar with the place, we settled for Vietnam Kitchen.
 1 Front of the outlet… I was there 2 years back for lunch… and I thought their food is not bad..
The ambiance was okay.. only with Japanese songs playing, I don’t know why… peanuts cost MYR2. They will serve to you when you are seated.. I think can give back if you don’t want it….
3 The interior decor… we sat at a booth seating… quite comfortable…
5 Vietnamese Filter Coffee with Sugar (Hot/Cold) @ MYR 6.50. Basically is like our Kopi O’ but the aroma.. mmmmm~
8 Six Treasure Drink @ MYR 5.90 is one of the recommended drinks… Nice and cooling…
9It is a refreshing brew filled with red dates, raisins, white fungus, lotus root slice, longans and agar-agar strips…  :D Nice and it has this flavour I could not figure what it was…
Vietnamese Seafood Salad  @ MYR 12.90 also has got a star, indication of Chef’s recommendation.. which I agree…it’s a must have cause this is really good! It has fresh blanched prawns slices and squid, mango and carrot strips, raw agar agar strands tossed with vinegar and sugar, and sprinkled with chopped chili, basil leaves, sesame seeds and served on a prawn cracker “bowl”. Tangy, refreshing in a way, and really yummy!
11Another house specialty is the Combination Platter @ MYR25.90… with various snacks and salad that you can roll up with rice paper. Worth trying! To some, it will be an experience to wet the rice paper and wrap your own rice paper rolls with ingredients of your choice… the sauce is also nice…
13Vietnamese Sour Soup @ MYR 6.90… we ordered this out of curiosity.. was wondering if it’s like the Thai fiery tom yam… but to find out it’s a milder and toned down version.. tasted like asam fish soup.. with prawns and pineapple as the main ingredient.. this is something for the ones who loves sour soup that is not too spicy…
15 Xo Sauce fried Vermicelli @ MYR 11.90.. it looks like Singapore Char Bee Hoon but with more stronger flavour and more spicy too…
16 Mixed Vegetable Fried Noodles (Hor Fun/Noodles) @ MYR11.90… is fried noodles with variety of vegetable and sauce… tasted like oyster sauce with the Thai fried chicken chili sauce.. haha…
18Add MYR 1, for Saigon Seafood fried Noodles @ MYR 12.90. Pretty much alike with the mixed vegetable ones but with less vegetables but additional of fish meat, prawns and squid…. sauce is the same one…. The noodles dish are just okay I would say…
During my last visit, more than a year back, we had the same thing…the combi platter and seafood salad, and we had rice instead with the stewed beef and tofu….
It was a great meal we had.. our tummy were about to explode that time… but we slowly savour them while waiting for time to fetch Hu Nee from Terminal 3 (she decided not to take any leave that day and took Firefly down to KL after work) at 10:30pm. Thanks to the GPS, we made it there after few wrong turnings… hahaha… and headed to Palace of the Golden Horses in Serdang to check in and hit the sack… it was near 12midnight when we reached… imagine the whole day drive… but was still very energetic… all excited for Aileen’s big day the next morning… perhaps I’ll blog about that soon…

Vietnam Kitchen @ 1Utama
Lot S312, 2nd Floor Hightstreet, 1Utama Shopping Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya
Contact ☎ 0377241336

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