Monday, June 8, 2009

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant, Taman Pekaka

Goh texted me if I would like to meet up for breakfast one Sunday morning few weeks back. Well, since I have not manage to eat any breakfast dim sum in Penang for a long time, I suggested we go the nearby Maxim at Taman Pekaka, lazy wanna go down town already ler.. :D

So she agreed and picked me up at 8:30am and headed to Maxim. Business was brisk… the last time I was there was a year ago for lunch… they serve noodles, rice and stuffs too like what they serve in Max Gourmet opposite Queensbay Mall. Breakfast dim sum was.. urm.. I can’t remember.. I could only recall the yummy egg tarts… with flaky pastry base…

Despite full of customers, we managed to find a table at the end corner near the dim sum steaming station.. The do no serve from trolleys anymore… as they use the walking aisle to fill in more tables for customer… you take your tray and card to the stations and choose what you want..  Selections are not bad… quite big but having only 2 person eating, we could not take more although some looked really tempting… range from steamed dim sums to deep fried  and baked fares, no wonder so many customers in and out non stop ler..


Prawn rolls with mayo…. not bad…  but not that much prawns though…


Deep fried radish cake, Goh’s fav


The must-have in every dim sum meal, the siew mai (Pork meat dumplings)… succulent and good….


Har Gao (Prawn dumplings).. texture of the skin is just nice.. not too thick… could be better if the prawns were a lot fresher…


Hu Qi Gao (Shark’s fin dumplings) basically it’s like har gao with strands of shark’s fin… not sure if the fins are real though..  :P


Pai Kut(Spare ribs) with black beans… tasted okay.. oily though…


All this with a pot of tea cost us around MYR18. Did not manage to eat the egg tart this round… was too full…


Full house…. Patrons in and out especially on a Sunday morning!


Maxim is located at Pekaka Square… Bangunan Lip Sin… same row with the Jade Sea Palace Restaurant… There’s also this soya bean drink and tau fu fah shop next door… will go try next time :D 

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