Friday, June 5, 2009

Nothing beats home cooked meals! Part II

One of many other things my family members have and share in common is the interest in cooking and baking. Mom is the experimental but simple one, cooking just anything with minimal measurements needed… everything that suits her palate goes on the dining table… :D Dad is also an experimental one but he plays around with recipes from a huge collection of cookbooks he has at home… and yes.. my dad cooks! My sis and I are combination of both… cooking from own taste buds judgment and we enjoy flipping thru dad’s recipe books… he will have like few new ones every few weeks….my bro, is a culinary art student… so he cooks based on his classes’ recipe… pretty much by the book kinda person… we certainly encourage him to be more adventurous with recipes and cooking… else where can improve la..


Mom was thinking to cook something simple.. actually with intention to cook a normal home cook with bro’s fav fragrant stir fry pumpkin as one of the dish… mom’s own recipe.. or perhaps she learnt from someone else and improvised herself… but the vegetable seller told her, “this one can cook pumpkin rice, very nice!”, and i think gave her some clue on how to cook it… so she bought the pumpkin home… cube them up, soaked the dried mushrooms and slice, with dried prawns and some meat, seasonings (dark soy sauce, soy sauce, pepper etc), not sure if mom fried everything till fragrant first or not.. hahaha…. anyways, in to the rice cooker, and viola! kerja senang… makan pun sedap :D (easy task, delicious taste!)


And there we have a yummy all in one pumpkin rice!


While mom cook the rice, sis and her friends made egg tarts! Recipe came from one of dad’s tarts cook book…


Yummy golden egg tarts.. and they made dozens of it… reason being, one of them who is also my cousin sis wanted to bring them back to KL and share with her friends and family :D


One of them even joked that she want to resign from her job and open an egg tart shop… hahaha…


After browsing thru one of dad’s new cook book, mom decided to this time go by the book and try few recipes…one of them is the brinjal (eggplant) with stir fry marinated minced meat and chili…


She added one round brinjal harvested from her garden :D


Flavourful chicken… I can’t recall what the name was.. it’s also from the recipe book… she first deep fry the lightly flour mixture coated chicken piece, then again stir fry in the wok of some sauce and seasoning with curry leaves…


Very nice and good!


Lala…. cooked with ginger and tomatoes…


3 simple dishes and we’re all eating happily already :D



Mom even made dried longan drink… for cooling… :D Going home is one happy thing!

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