Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nothing beats home cooked meals! Part I

Since started working, I have to admit that I’ve gone home very much lesser compared to studying years where I go back every weekend.

Having to fail one of last year’s resolution, I told myself I must go back more often this year.. well.. looking at the record, it’s not a very good one but it has definitely improved.

Home is just 45 minutes slow drive from Penang.. 30 minutes on easy traffic along the bridge and along the highway…


Ever since I’ve had my little boy, Codie (since early 2005) oh gosh… he’s coming to 5 years old already… (born Aug 2004) I’ve brought him along when i go home… and of course, depressing my big boy Rover at home cause this little boy is one hell of a big bully and ham sup too! Both are boys.. so he act very gay most of the time if both are placed together… Anyways, I’ll put him on the front seat, and off we go… home~ (He don’t look this messy anymore… just went for grooming last Saturday :D )


Exiting the toll plaza, every time there is this sudden rush of excitement in me… I’ll tell myself and Codie.. We’re home!


You know that you are back in SP and did not go out the wrong exit when you see these street lamps, round bulbs, whatever you call it… on excessive amount… to keep you busy by counting the amount of the round lights while waiting at the traffic light…. what purpose do they serve, i honestly do not know…. must be extra extremely dark there at night… :P


While waiting for my papa to move his car out so I can park to the inner side of the compound…look at the anxious Codie.. jumping from his seat to my mine, staring at my papa and of course, preparing to chargeeeeeee… and go pee at Rover…then both of them will have pee war!! (marking territory). I always park at the inner side of the compound when I go home.. reason being is I don’t go out until the day I come back to Penang… so usually followed by sis’s car, bro’s car, mom’s and dad’s who goes out more regularly. If needed, we’ll drive mom’s :D


One thing with me is I usually go home at anytime I like… and I don’t tell mom in advanced… so she won’t cook extra… but every time i got home, i will automatically go to the kitchen, open up the rice cooker and see if anything is available under the food cover… this round, I only see 1 poor little fried fish left and stir fry lady’s finger with sambal….and there’s soup :D lotus root and peanuts soup…I decided to just eat them up :D hahaha… while I was scooping rice, mom said there’s kerabu mango left in the fridge… i took them out too… haha… it’s a very simple meal.. rice with sambal lady’s finger and little fried fish, accompanied by soup and kerabu mango and I happily finish them up feeling really satisfied… Am I so easy with food, or it’s just home cook? But I personally believe, if eating at home, even if it’s only rice, fried fish or fried egg only with soy sauce, it’s enough to make my tummy happy… psychology la this one….


Another simple dinner at home with fried meat, stir fry french beans and carrot, steam fish and an egg mom broke, so she just fried it :D



Simple yet satisfying meal at home :D yummy!


Mom woke up me from my late nap, well.. it’s was 7pm already la… hahaha.. because no one was at home and they were going for their qi gong session… so i have to go down and jaga rumah :D They had their dinner already so these were left for me to settle :D Lettuce, egg, meat cooked with sesame oil and lotsa ginger… it helps to release unwanted winds :P and steam fish…



So as usual, I took all this from the dining table to the coffee table at the living room. I actually enjoy eating in front of the TV.. growing up as a teacher/headmaster’s daughter, papa never encourage and dislike us eating in front of the TV… bad habit he says… but now.. aiya.. grown up already la… hahahahaha… and I only eat in front of the TV I’m the only one eating.. haha…

More home cooked meals to come :D

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